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About historical narratives and memory of Babyn Yar
25 April, 2021, Omid Nouripour,
What is the tragedy of Babyn Yar today
29 April, 2020, ,
Previous Publications
How Ukraine’s statehood collapsed in the 17th and 18th centuries
3 January, 2020   ▪   Назар Розлуцький
What was concealed in the Stalin Laureate’s biography?
9 December, 2019   ▪   Yaryna Tsymbal
Odesa in the life of Yuriy Yanovskiy
15 November, 2019   ▪   Volodymyr Panchenko
Adventures of signing the Ukrainian-Russian Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership
2 October, 2019   ▪   Stanislav Kulchytsky
Roots of Moscow’s imperialist policy in Ukraine and Ukrainians’ participation in the creation of imperial Russia
13 September, 2019   ▪  
Who wanted to get rid of Alla Horska?
21 August, 2019   ▪   Любов Крупник
The idea of Ukraine survived in Halychyna in the mid-19th century thanks to Taras Shevchenko’s works
13 July, 2019   ▪   Sviatoslav Lypovetsky
The Ukraine-Russia union treaty of 1920
8 July, 2019   ▪   Stanislav Kulchytsky
How Russia’s policy of assimilation transformed over time
4 May, 2019   ▪   Stanislav Kulchytsky
What system they are trying to restore in Russia today
8 April, 2019   ▪   Stanislav Kulchytsky
How dissidents were punished in an era of a “real socialism”
6 April, 2019   ▪   Любов Крупник
How Yevhen Konovalets managed the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists as it turned to follow the course of Halychyna youth
17 March, 2019   ▪   Sviatoslav Lypovetsky
Who were the gentry that lived on the Ukrainian lands in the 14th-16th centuries?
9 March, 2019   ▪  
How the idea of Ukraine crossed imperial borders from East to West
3 March, 2019   ▪   Sviatoslav Lypovetsky
The missile rhetoric from Stalin to Putin
9 February, 2019   ▪   Stanislav Kulchytsky
What Stalin adopted from the Leninist experience of suppressing anti-Soviet protests in 1921
18 January, 2019   ▪   Stanislav Kulchytsky
Where did one of the most negative myths about Hetman Skoropadsky come from?
12 January, 2019   ▪   Yurii Tereshchenko
Law and self-governance in Ukraine’s territory from the 14th through the 18th century
20 December, 2018   ▪  
Why the bomb laid under the foundation of the USSR exploded
10 November, 2018   ▪   Stanislav Kulchytsky
While defending its interests, the soviet coal industry helped the Soviet Union collapse
3 October, 2018   ▪   Maksym Vikhrov
By opening a memorial in Sahryń, Ukrainians have begun to dictate the "agenda" of the Volhynia issue
6 September, 2018   ▪   Sviatoslav Lypovetsky
How Soviet citizens ended up voting unanimously in elections
28 August, 2018   ▪   Stanislav Kulchytsky
The crimes and execution of Pavlo Matsapura’s gang that inspired an 18th-century word for villain
1 August, 2018   ▪   Yaroslav Hyrych
Volodymyr Tatlin and his place in the Malevich’s circle in Kyiv
8 July, 2018   ▪   Tetiana Filevska
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24 January, Michael Binyon,
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Baltic NATO allies Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia can now transfer American-made lethal weapons such as anti-armor and ground-to-air missiles to Ukraine
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