ENEMO Observation Mission

26 September 2012, 18:31

 On 23 September 2012, the Central Election Commission (CEC) has changed the September 13 resolution #893 by the resolution #1046, The maintenance body of the State Voter Register can only change the voting place of electors within the borders of the same single-mandate district. Exception has been made only for the members of district and precinct election commissions that will perform their duties on election day. All other voters can request change of address for voting in another polling station just for the same district and thus no migration of voters shall be allowed from one district to another.

According to the CEC, the State Voter Register received unusual high number of applications for changing voting places to specific single-mandate districts as of September 22. Various interlocutors have raised concerns to ENEMO Mission about previous legal opportunity for candidates to transfer large number of voters from other districts to affect the outcome of election in their majoritarian single mandate district.

 ENEMO welcomes recent decision of the Central Election Commission to restrict possible massive voter migration from one majoritarian district to another for the upcoming 28 October 2012 parliamentary elections. ENEMO urges election administration to increase the transparency of its working procedures by providing draft resolutions ahead of CEC meetings and opening the whole decision-making process for observers, journalists and political parties both at the CEC and DEC level.

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