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Top Article
How reforms change the banking system
17 February, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
Romanian Social Democrats won elections by a landslide but face stiff resistance from society whentrying to stop the anti-corruption drive
17 February , Sorin Ioniţă
In three years since the Euromaidan, what has changed among ordinary Ukrainians? What trends suggest the direction Ukrainian society is moving in? Recent polls provide some answers to these questions
2 February , Andriy Holub
What’s the purpose behind the new party of Vadym Rabinovych and Yevhen Murayev?
2 February , Denys Kazanskyi
Freeing the Kremlin's prisoners as our main assignment for the year
31 January , Maria Tomak
Other Publications
The benefits and flaws of PrivatBank transfer into state hands
26 January, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
What’s behind the discreditation of Valeria Hontareva and demands for the NBU Governor to resign
26 January, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
The Kremlin's hybrid aggression against Ukraine: essence, development
12 January, Andriy Levus
There are a number of mechanisms for charging those responsible for the shooting down of MH17. None is ideal but, put together, they could yield results
22 December, 2016, Zhanna Bezpiatchuk
How are Ukraine’s ports changing the way they operate and what are their future prospects?
22 December, 2016, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
Half of Ukraine’s able-bodied adults are not paying taxes or social contributions, but still demand social services and benefits. How can this change?
22 December, 2016, Oleksandr Kramar
The interview with Alain Planès is from Olena Chekan's personal archives. The Ukrainian Week publishes it for the first time
21 December, 2016, Olena Chekan
How elections in the Donbas usually play out
12 December, 2016, Yelyzaveta Honcharova
Why is Russia rushing to put an end to the warlords in its self-proclaimed republics in occupied Donbas?
12 December, 2016, Denys Kazanskyi
On competition and state anti-monopoly policy in Ukraine
5 December, 2016, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
An author behind Ukraine’s anti-monopoly policies in the 1990s on how oligarchs have limited the Anti-Monopoly Committee’s impact, and changes that are taking place in this domain today
5 December, 2016, Andriy Holub
A new book analyzes the revolution through the artists' eyes
18 November, 2016, Vadym Skurativsky
What are the prospects for Ukraine’s agro-industrial complex?
31 October, 2016, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
How the status of land in Ukraine affects its owners and big agribusinesses
31 October, 2016, Oleksandr Kramar
Banker and chess grandmaster based in Lviv on life and business in Ukraine
24 October, 2016, Yaroslava Kutsai
Some interesting details about the national budget for the upcoming year
21 October, 2016, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
Pro-Russian oligarchs have begun a serious push to persuade Ukrainians that the only way to a better life is to renew “torn” economic ties with Russia. This flies in the face of facts on the ground
21 October, 2016, Oleksandr Kramar
Who is vying for leadership in the Poroshenko Bloc and Yatseniuk's People’s Front
19 October, 2016, Bohdan Butkevych
How generations shift in the electoral field of the former Party of Regions clans
19 October, 2016, Denys Kazanskyi
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It makes no difference to me— 2.94%
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