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After the hybrid war, time to deal with the hybrid independence
5 February, Julia Oliynyk
Russia broke up in 1917, but the Bolsheviks intended to restore the empire – as a springboard to create a "Global Soviet Republic"
5 February , Stanislav Kulchytsky
Ukraine’s economy will start moving upwards and gain momentum gradually
5 February , Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
How Ukrainian military schools should change to train efficient professionals
4 February , Yaroslav Tynchenko
Having studied the experience of legal system reforms in various countries, I can say that even though I am critical about every process in Ukraine, still I am an optimist
1 February , Valerii Kur
Other Publications
How television paralyzes people
31 January, Katerina Barabash
The dangers of further impoverishment
27 January, Oles Oleksiyenko
Foreign policy objectives and challenges for 2016
27 January, Bohdan Yaremenko
Ukraine’s main political players want pre-term elections, but this won’t happen
27 January, Bohdan Butkevych
Polish dissident and leading ideologue of Solidarność on Poland's post-communist transition and domestic authoritarianism
11 January, Hanna Trehub
What role Gazeta Wyborcza played in Poland's transition from communism to democracy
11 January, Iwona Reichardt
Entering 2016 with a new political landscape
11 January, Álvaro Imbernón
Most of the crimes against Ukrainians have been at the hands of other Ukrainians. What’s important now is to understand how this phenomenon of the Malorosians or Little Russians happened
11 January, Valeriy Prymost
How Ukraine’s Army would face a hypothetical new escalation of war in the East
2 January, Yaroslav Tynchenko
2016 should be the year Ukraine’s economic collapse ends, but real incomes and the sectors that work predominantly on the domestic market could continue contracting
2 January, Oleksandr Kramar
Ukraine’s economy won’t have an easy time of it in 2016, either, but the reasons will be fundamentally different
2 January, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
Decommunisation as a way to decolonise the visual space of Ukrainian cities
28 December, 2015,
The life and death of Mike Johansen, Ukraine’s pioneer of magic realism
23 December, 2015,
State Security Bureau officer on the early stage of the "Russian spring"
23 December, 2015, Bohdan Butkevych
Ukrainians tend to get their stereotypes about the "DPR" primarily from distorted media reports and have not been to Donetsk or other currently "republican" cities since they were seized. Some had a little experience of life in "Novorossia" and left, still believing that nothing has changed there since summer 2014.
21 December, 2015,
Is Maidan 3.0 possible, and what would it look like?
17 December, 2015, Denys Kazanskyi
Politicians on why strong-arm tactics remain a tool to influence parliamentarians and officials, and how effective these actions can be
17 December, 2015, Stanislav Kozliuk
The Cabinet is bound to be shuffled. The bargaining is already underway. The new one is unlikely to be a government of technocrats
16 December, 2015, Roman Malko
How the micro-merchant crowd lives
7 December, 2015, Stanislav Kozliuk
Print Edition
№ 1 (94) - January - 2016
Yes, it would enhance exchange and facilitate reforms in Ukraine— 79.41%
Yes, it would boost tourism to Europe— 8.82%
No, it would boost migration to EU member-states— 8.82%
No, I do not think it will change anything for Ukraine or the EU— 0%
It makes no difference to me— 2.94%
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