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A new book analyzes the revolution through the artists' eyes
18 November, Vadym Skurativsky
What are the prospects for Ukraine’s agro-industrial complex?
31 October , Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
How the status of land in Ukraine affects its owners and big agribusinesses
31 October , Oleksandr Kramar
Banker and chess grandmaster based in Lviv on life and business in Ukraine
24 October , Yaroslava Kutsai
Some interesting details about the national budget for the upcoming year
21 October , Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
Other Publications
How generations shift in the electoral field of the former Party of Regions clans
19 October, Denys Kazanskyi
What the self-proclaimed democratic opposition to the current government wants and can achieve
19 October, Andriy Holub
The evolution of Ukrainian elite and its state-building concepts offers a valuable lesson to the country today
19 September, Yurii Tereshchenko
Where is the debate on free ownership of firearms in Ukraine today
19 September, Andriy Holub
How Europe is preparing for the possible presidency of Donald Trump
19 September, Michael Binyon
How the life of Ukrainians changed economically compared to 25 years ago
16 September, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
The new regular session of the Verkhovna Rada started on September 6. It looks like actors on Ukraine’s political scene, probably with the exception of Petro Poroshenko's Bloc and Arseniy Yatseniuk’s People's Front, have great expectations and ambitious plans for this fall seasons. Major oligarchs are likely to step up their game. The situation in the presidential team is not at its best either
16 September, Bohdan Butkevych
In the face of multiple challenges, the focus goes on security. The nature of political response, however, is at least equally important
1 September, Philippe de Lara
Privatization in Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its role in the rise of oligarchy
31 August, Vitalii Melnychuk
Why the auction to sell OPP failed
31 August, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
Ukraine imports many simple consumer items that could be domestically manufactured at a time when a large swath of Ukrainians is either jobless or does not have a steady source of income
31 August, Oleksandr Kramar
A short history of attempts to restore the Georgian monarchy
31 August, Oleksiy Bobrovnikov
Political expert Ghia Nodia on the balance of power in Georgian politics today, Saakashvili and Ivanishvili as politicians, and changes in Georgian society and state
30 August,
What shapes Georgia’s foreign policy and perceptions of its course domestically?
30 August, Anna Korbut
The 1920s’ Avant-garde school of artists was ultimately destroyed as class enemies—for hooliganism and pornography
23 August, Yaryna Tsymbal
Where to go for authentic and unusual experiences in Ukraine
22 August, Bogdan Logvynenko
From a collector of pieces by Malevich and Repin that were worth less than bread during war to a representative of the soviet “hippy” and dissident culture – amateurs who could be museums themselves create noteworthy collections or art and artefacts in their hometowns
14 August, Bogdan Logvynenko
In the past two years, crime rates have grown in Ukraine. Factors contributing to the general criminalization of society include economic decline and war
14 August, Bohdan Butkevych
Founder of rehabilitation program for the military on forgiveness, understanding the war, and ways to learn to cope with this all
11 August, Roman Malko
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