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Top Article
Why the question of Russia’s occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula remains, and will remain, open
day before yesterday, Ihor Losiev
Its designers did not foresee ageing populations, mass immigration or the gig economy
19 August , The Economist
The influence of the World Cup on Russia's image
18 August , Ivan Verbytskiy
How close is Ukraine to autocephaly for its Orthodox Church?
17 August ,
The Ukrainian Week talked with French cybersecurity expert Christine Dugoin-Clément about mechanisms for fighting fake news, the prospects for certifying true information, and the likelihood of separating propaganda from journalism once and for all.
15 August , Alla Lazareva
Other Publications
Why is it time Europe changed its priorities
12 August, Philippe de Lara
The Ukrainian Week discussed issues and goals of Canadian training mission in Ukraine and why it is valuable not only for Ukrainians but for Canadians with Operation UNIFIER Commander Lieutenant Colonel Fraser Auld
11 August, Yuriy Lapayev
What will American President’s recent visits result in for global affairs?
10 August, Michael Binyon
Why a big part of the Roma community is so poorly integrated all across Europe
9 August, Denys Kazanskyi
During the DW Global Media Forum The Ukrainian Week talked to Nigerian broadcaster and the head of the Kano Radio Station on struggle with Boko Haram, Nigerian economic problems and post-colonial development in Western Africa.
7 August, Olha Vorozhbyt
How Yanukovych’s lawyers are dragging out the trial
6 August, Andriy Holub
The Ukrainian Week met with a researcher who studying authoritarian regimes to talk about the essence of European populism and the peculiarities of the transformations of political systems in post-Soviet countries
5 August, Yuriy Lapayev
The crimes and execution of Pavlo Matsapura’s gang that inspired an 18th-century word for villain
1 August, Yaroslav Hyrych
What Ukrainian researchers do at the Faraday Station
31 July,
After decades of triumph, democracy is losing ground. What is behind the reversal?
30 July, The Economist
Is there a place for pluralism and tolerance on Ukrainian stages?
29 July,
What will happen with Ukraine if the International Monetary Fund walks away?
26 July, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
How corrupt oligarchic lobbying by a Russian monopoly on Ukraine’s electricity market is destroying the country’s energy security and making Ukrainians pay more for energy than they should
25 July, Oleksandr Kramar
The Ukrainian Week discussed the characteristics of information warfare in the Crimea, the prospects of civil journalism and the danger of information control over the peninsula with the researcher from Citizen Lab, University of Toronto
23 July, Alla Lazareva
UAH 6,659, 11,951 and 7,451, an equivalent of $256, 450 and 280 – this is how an average Ukrainian sees desired subsistence, average wage and pension across Ukraine, according to SOCIS, a sociology center. According to the State Statistics Bureau, the real numbers are UAH 1,777, 8,725 and 2,479 respectively, or around $68, 335 and 95.
22 July, Andriy Holub
How have Russian counter-sanctions impacted Belarusian exports and imports?
21 July, Siarhei Pulsha
The opportunity to travel to neighboring countries without hindrance has had an effect people in the regions of Ukraine most distant from Europe – despite the war, they have begun to travel actively. The Ukrainian Week talked to Stanislav Chernohor, experienced traveller and head of the Community Development Foundation in Kramatorsk.
20 July, Yelyzaveta Honcharova
Can the middle class drive Ukraine's independence and development?
19 July, Maksym Vikhrov
How the myth that Ukrainians are inclined towards lawlessness is used against them and why a sense of responsibility to your own people is so important
17 July, Oles Oleksiyenko
Breaking news
Poland authorities say Lyudmyla Kozlovska, who runs the Open Dialog Foundation, poses a security threat
Print Edition
№ 8 (126) - August - 2018
  • Wed, 30 May 2018 00:00
    The 8th Book Arsenal

    May 30-June 3. Art Arsenal. vul. Lavrska 10-12, Kyiv

    What does humanity dream of further? How to resist dehumanization in changing times? Can modern technologies create a (super)human? How to learn in the era of a new technological revolution? Answers to these questions will be sought by 200 Ukrainian writers and 95 guests from 31 countries. Visitors will be able to buy the latest books, talk with authors, publishers and illustrators. The Festival includes separate programs for children, visual arts in books, and contemporary music. To avoid lines, you can buy your tickets on the Art Arsenal site.

  • Tue, 29 May 2018 19:00
    Myroslav Skoryk Jazzed Up

    Tchaikovsky National Music Academy. Horodetskoho 1-3/11, Kyiv

    In Ukraine, Myroslav Skoryk is known for his classical works such as the famed Melody. In this performance, he joins the Kyiv Soloists Chamber Orchestra in a jazz interpretation of some of his works. The performance will also include the piano duo of Myroslav Drahan and Oksana Rapita, along with the producer of this jazz program, cellist Oleksandr Priyev.

  • Sun, 27 May 2018 00:00
    Molodist Film Festival

    May 27-June 3. UBK Beach at Trukhaniv Ostriv; Ukraine and Cinema City film theaters; MasterClass education space – Kyiv

    Ukrainian and international professional and amateur cinema, debut and student films, retro-films, a program for kids—this festival, one of the biggest in Ukraine, offers more than 200 film viewings. During the festival week, Poshtova Ploshcha will function as an open-air theater. The festival will have open stages there and at other sites around the city presenting the “Long nights of short films” program. This year’s competition will include 21 movies by Ukrainian directors, filmed in Ukraine or co-produced.

  • Mon, 21 May 2018 19:00
    Kyivska Vesna - Kyiv Spring

    Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2, Kyiv

    The theme of this 10th festival (May 21-25) is the classical and the modern. German pianist Christopher Park opens the program with Beethoven’s Piano Concerto accompanied by the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Roman Kofman. On the second day, guests will hear the New Ukrainian Music project, presenting the works of five young Ukrainian composers. Following this will be La Damnation de Faust, a chamber orchestra concert, and Mozart and Rachmaninoff performed by the choir of the National Opera of Ukraine.

  • Fri, 18 May 2018 00:00
    Kyiv Art Week

    May 18-27. 12 museums and galleries around Kyiv

    Lectures and discussions on the arts, exhibits in various museums of Kyiv, films about painting and a contemporary art fair. This is the first international-scale professional art event in Ukraine, organized in the style of international art weeks, which have proven to be the most effective way to develop the arts scene in a city. The project involves state and municipal museums, private and public galleries and cultural centers.

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