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24 July 2013, 15:46

12 28 July, 10 a.m.7 p.m.

Lavish Home

Vertep art centre

(11, vul. Chervona, Dnipropetrovsk)

Ihor Bezhko, a Dnipropetrovsk-based collector, has carefully searched and restored antique rural interior elements from the early 20th century. The collection on display is mostly comprised of rural household elements from the 1920s and 1930s found in Zakarpattia and Hutsul villages. Visitors can buy the items they like the most. This could be anything, from a multicolour vine jar of the Rzeczpospolita epoch, a special honey jar from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, or a hundred-year old wheel, yokes and Hutsul horse bells which will add a sense of legend to any home interior.

18 July – 1 September


Lviv Philharmonic, PICASSO night club and other locations

(7, vul. Tchaikovskoho; 88, vul. Zelena, Lviv)

The aim of the fifth international festival of Jewish music is not only to revive the lost music culture, but to bring back an integral part of Lviv life – the history of the Jewish quarter. Klezmer players from all over the world, including Poland, Germany, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and the USA, will perform on the festival stage. Gastronomes will have the opportunity to taste the best of the Jewish cuisine, while tourists will see how much fun was to be had at true Jewish weddings in Halychyna. Staroyevreyska – the Old Jewish Street – will once again be filled with inspiring masterpieces from craftsmen and the joyful laughter of the guests.

19 – 21 July


Pidkamin village

(Brody Region, Lviv Oblast)

The seventh annual festival, just like all the previous ones, focuses public attention on architectural sites and promoting Ukrainian folk music, dance, clothes and more. This year’s programme features some of the top Ukrainian bands, including Tartak, Komu Vnyz, OtVinta, KoraLLit, LosColorados and many more. SvjataVatra will come all the way from Estonia to present their traditional music. In addition to three days of gigs, the festival offers workshops, art events and sports competitions. Afterwards, guests can take a trip around the oblast to see more neglected yet charming architectural masterpieces.

23 – 28 July

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Wiz-Art 2013

Lviv Philharmonic, Communa anti-café, Palace of Arts and other locations  

(7, vul. Tchaikovskoho; 32, vul. Murovana; 1, vul. Halytska, Lviv)

The motto of this year’s short film festival speaks for itself: The Universe is not made of atoms; it’s made of short stories. Overall, the audience will watch 110 films from 39 countries during the festival. The programme of screenings that do not take part in the competition called Goodbye to Vinyl is a pleasant surprise. It will present nostalgic films by young Ukrainian directors. Another equally interesting programme will present Ukrainian cinematography.  Special guests this year include film artists from the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania and Austria.

From 25 July

Future Shorts: Summer 2013

Kyiv movie theatre

(19, vul. Velyka Vasylkivska, Kyiv)

FUTURE SHORTS is a summer collection of the best short films from all over the world. This year’s programme features 6 films with different genres and storylines. 38-39 °C is the graduation film of a South Korean animator. A fusion of puppets, cardboard walls and watercolours, the animation reveals the depth of relations between father and son. American film Chair is a mysterious and murky story about an explosion, a boy and a chair. And the wonderful life story of a 100-year old woman in the documentary entitled Mickybader.

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