Maidan activist Ihor Lutsenko with a victim of clashes is kidnapped from hospital

21 January 2014, 09:59

“Attention! Ihor Lutsenko is missing! He, along with a victim, Yuriy Verbytskyi whom he drove to the Zhovtneva Hospital, was kidnapped by unknown men! According to the hospital security Ihor was no longer at the hospital when people arrived to help him,” Lebedeva reports.

“All that’s left of the patient is his jacket with the passport, he took it off at the hospital. They (the kidnappers – Ed.) rushed in, twisted their arms and took away – this is all information we have. The last time Lutsenko contacted us was 1.5 hours ago (at around 4 a.m.). Doctors don’t speak; arguably, the police was there; Ihor’s car remains there. Call police stations!! We don’t know who these people are, they were not wearing uniforms,” Madia wrote.

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Ihor Lutsenko is a well-known civil activist, one of the founders of the Save Old Kyiv campaign.

The Interior Ministry reports 31 detainees after clashes at Hrushevskoho Street. Earlier, the police reported over 20 arrests in clashes in downtown Kyiv. Police officers insisted that most of those arrested were released after they compiled protocols of violations. Meanwhile, those still arrested have appealed to the Ombudsman on abuse of power by the police during arrests.  

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The police has launched criminal proceedings on mass disturbances under Art. 294 of the Criminal Code that entails a maximum sentence of 15 years for this. Currently, clashes continue between Berkut, the riot police, and protesters on Hrushevskoho Street next to the Dynamo stadium. The clashes began on January 19. 

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