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9 December, 2019History
What was concealed in the Stalin Laureate’s biography?
15 November, 2019History
Odesa in the life of Yuriy Yanovskiy
22 October, 2018Culture
On September 17, Yuriy Andrukhovych visited Kyiv to present Lithography, his new album with the band Karbido, at the Ukrainian Radio’s Recording Studio. Before that, The Ukrainian Week spoke to him about investments in culture, the new generation of writers and Ukraine’s place in the literature map of the world.
23 August, 2016History
The 1920s’ Avant-garde school of artists was ultimately destroyed as class enemies—for hooliganism and pornography
8 June, 2016History
The authors, the readers and the anti- bourgeois persecutors of romance novels in the 1920s
23 December, 2015Culture
The life and death of Mike Johansen, Ukraine’s pioneer of magic realism
3 October, 2013Culture
How Leopold von Sacher-Masoch went from writer to masochist
1 August, 2013Culture
Writer Marina Lewycka talks about Ukrainians in the UK, her writing and the modern era of dishonest people
23 November, 2012Culture
Ukraine was a Guest of Honour at the Festival of European Literature held November 15-18 in Cognac, France
23 November, 2012Culture
The Ukrainian-born British writer Anna Shevchenko talks about her debut novel Bequest and history for the mass audience
12 October, 2012Culture
Ukraine lacks adolescent books by local authors and those writing for teenagers avoid controversy and depict the world through rose-coloured glasses.
23 May, 2012Culture
Artist and playwright Les Podereviansky talks about his personal evolution and people that never change
30 March, 2012Culture
Ukrainian author’s detective story becomes a breakthrough hit at the Vilnius Book Fair
21 March, 2012Culture
Myroslav Dochynets has guessed the needs of the average reader
12 March, 2012
The parameters of the classical Ukrainian literature canon have greatly changed over the past years
27 February, 2012Culture
Yevhen Malaniuk as the Ukrainian Freud
25 January, 2012Culture
Taras Prokhasko speaks on the fundamental elements of being, models of an ideal Ukraine and his own writings
12 January, 2012History
His translations span 26 centuries, three continents and almost 30 literatures. The Soviets “awarded” him with 10 years in labor camps and the status of a dissident with no right to travel
12 January, 2012History
More books for children are translated into Ukrainian than written in the language. Families seem to prefer “popular” classics and books made into Hollywood films
6 December, 2011Culture
In the West, there is growing demand for women's literature, the favored genre of young emancipated female megalopolis residents. Ukraine also has books in this genre but they are special in their own way
19 October, 2011Culture
Łukasz Saturczak speaks about his novel Galicia and the relationships between Ukrainians and Poles in border regions
10 October, 2011Culture
German Writer Judith Hermann about Birth of the Text and Death in Life
13 September, 2011History
Writer and film director Heliy Snehirov was unable to exist in the crushing Soviet atmosphere and paid for freedom with his life
10 September, 2011
Thomas Wohlfahrt: “Poetry can affect collective consciousness enough to inspire a protest”
9 September, 2011Culture
Meridian Czernowitz 2011 proves that while poetry knows no boundaries, poets do
2 September, 2011Culture
Ukrainian writers have come down with a bout of travelmania
31 August, 2011History
Ivan Franko and his vision of the 20th century
23 August, 2011Culture
August 17 was the first anniversary of the death of Oles Ulianenko, the only officially banned writer in independent Ukraine
22 August, 2011Culture
A history of genius who refused freedom.
1 August, 2011Culture
Writer Yuriy Vynnychuk talks about the search for new symbols, the literary famine and writers caught up in politics
8 July, 2011Culture
In Germany, like in Ukraine, Ukrainian literature is learning the ropes of gaining an audience
16 May, 2011Culture
“As in every cultured state, we see lights blinking here and there…”
29 April, 2011Culture
With his split views, this national communist leader was bound to face a tragic end
7 March, 2011Society
Oleksandr Feldman, a dyed-in-the-wool fighter against Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism and the sponsor of a bill he introduced while still a BYuT member and which reflects this crusade, has reached new political heights
25 December, 2010Culture
The prominent Ukrainian poet speaks on the surreal Babylon of the contemporary world, the special character of Ukrainian madness, and her first prose work
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The United States has given Moscow its written response aimed at deterring a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced
yesterday, ,
How could the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson remain in his office after another scandal
24 January, Michael Binyon,
The UK has begun to withdraw staff from the British embassy in Ukraine amid warnings of a Russian invasion
24 January, ,
Baltic NATO allies Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia can now transfer American-made lethal weapons such as anti-armor and ground-to-air missiles to Ukraine
20 January, ,
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