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30 November, 2013 16:00   ▪  

Chief of Staff Serhiy Liovochkin resigns

Serhiy Liovochkin, the President's Chief of Staff, filed a letter of resignation today, Interfax reports

According to Interfax's sources, this decision may have been based on Liovochkin's disagreement with the actions of the police and special-purpose Berkut units violently ousting activists out of Maidan Nezalezhnosti. They stayed there for the night to support Ukraine's European integration. 

As it was reported, after 4 a.m., November 30th, the units of Berkut, special-purpose police, began to oust activists out of Maidan Nezalezhnosti who stayed at the protest to support Ukraine’s European integration. According to police reports, the activists were pushed out of Maidan because of conflicts with utility service workers.

After the dispersal of the Euromaidan 33 activists were detained, 5 of them were hospitalized already in the police department.

Nearly 200 protesters found shelter from Berkut at St. Michael's Cathedral in downtown Kyiv. 

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