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30 November, 2013 13:47   ▪  

Special police disrupts EuroMaidan

After 4 a.m., the units of Berkut, special-purpose police, began to oust activists out of Maidan Nezalezhnosti who stayed at the protest to support Ukraine’s European integration. According to police reports, the activists were pushed out of Maidan because of conflicts with utility service workers

“EuroMaidan has been cleared up, not a single person was left at Maidan” EuroMaidan organizers have written on Twitter. Eye witnesses report on Facebook that the police applied force to activists and arrested some of them.

“There was a real fight at the Independent column… students were taken by the legs and arms and thrown into cars,” MP Andriy Shevchenko twitted. “The attack began at 4 a.m. There is no mobile connection. They ran after people who ran away in the underground passage and pulled the beaten people to the cars from the passage.”

According to UNN reports, over 600 police and Berkut officers arrived at Maidan. They announced through loudspeakers that Kyiv maintenance employees would be setting up the Christmas tree at Maidan.

Clashes took place between activists and law enforcers. A metal fence is being built around Maidan.

“We are hiding at the St. Michael’s Cathedral… There are around a hundred of us… Some are injured. Maidan is taken over. It’s impossible to get there! I tried. I told them I left my personal stuff there and they said that all things have already been tossed,” singer and EuroMaidan activist Ruslana Lyzhychko wrote on Facebook at around 7 a.m. “I urgently ask all ambassadors of foreign states or their assistants to contact us,” she wrote and gave her cell phone number on her Facebook page.  

At night on November 30, a clash erupted between activists and Berkut officers. It was caused by attempts of the police to remove cars with loudspeakers and sound equipment from Maidan. Police officers reported that “protesters threw pyrotechnical items and stones at police employees, and damaged the police bus.” 

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