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12 September, 2013 11:40   ▪  

Ukrainian Parliament Swiftly Adopts Pro-EU Laws

Ukrainian MPs approved a first set of laws expected to be adopted before the summit in Vilnius

Volodymyr Rybak, the chairman of the 'Verkhovna Rada', the Ukrainian parliament stressed last Friday that "Europe appreciated the work of Ukraine, which was done over the past two months for meeting the conditions for the signature of the Agreement, in particular, on adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the EU standards."

As writes Euractiv, “on 5 September, MPs approved a first set of measures expected to pave Kyiv's path toward closer integration with the European Union. The Verhovna Rada adopted on September 5 a law stipulating milder regulations in penitentiaries that would allow inmates more frequent family visits, the freedom to use mobile phones and cash, and to wear civilian clothes. Laws on reforming customs tariffs and on the stricter implementation of court decisions were also adopted in first readings”.

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However, the chairman of the Ukrainian parliament said it was still necessary to adopt the law establishing a prosecutor's office as well as laws on police and on the independent bureau of investigation. The draft bills were ready, he said, and were now being examined by experts at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

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