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13 August, 2013 13:56   ▪  

Pension inequality in Ukraine: UAH 15 Thou for deputies, 8 Thou for judges and 1 Thou for teachers

As of 1 January, Ukraine had 1,019 retired People’s Deputies. The Pension Fund told this at the request of Tyzhden.ua. As the Pension Fund reports, the Law On the Status of People’s Deputy provides for average monthly pension of deputies in the amount of UAH 15,427 and 28 kopecks.

Meanwhile, based on the Law On Retirement Benefits for Military Servicemen, Senior and Junior Executives Of Interior Affairs Agencies and Some Other People, the average pension of retired military servicemen and employees of interior affairs agencies, the number of which amounts to 664,449 persons in Ukraine, comprises UAH 2,345 and 69 kopecks.

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According to the Law On State Support for Mass Media and Social Protection of Journalists, the average pension of journalists comprises UAH 3,146 and 10 kopecks, while retired customs officers receive UAH 4,460 and 74 kopecks, based on the provisions of the Customs Code.

The average pension of 123,268 public servants amounts to UAH 3,102 and 95 kopecks.

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“As of 1 January, there are 1,419 retired judges in Ukraine. Their average pension comprises UAH 7,795 and 42 kopecks. Moreover, 6,145 employees of public prosecutor’s office receive an average pension of UAH 6,684 and 51 kopecks,” the Pension Fund reports.

As of this 1 January, the average pension of 79,276 education workers comprises UAH 1,119 and 89 kopecks.

Let us remind, the Pension Fund has earlier reported that last October 964 persons received the maximal pension, in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine On the Status of People’s Deputy.

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The average pension of former military servicemen and employees of interior affairs agencies comprised UAH 2,156, the one of journalists – UAH 3,162, of customs officials – UAH 4,441, of public servants – UAH 3,064, of judges – UAH 7,575 and of public prosecutor’s office employees – UAH 6,588.

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