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18 June, 2013 12:00   ▪  

Most legal immigrants to EU countries are from Ukraine

Around 204,000 Ukrainian citizens received residence permist in EU member-states in 2011, says the 4th Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum disclosed on June 17 in Brussels. As a result, Ukrainians make up the biggest group of legal immigrants to the EU.

They are followed by the citizens of the USA (189,000), India (179,000), China (153,000) and Morocco (120,000).

The total of 2.5 million people were issued their first EU residence permit in 2011. The total number of legal immigrants with no EU citizenship is 4.1% of the total EU population.

A third of them arrived to reunite with their families; another quarter came to the EU to work. 21% of immigrants are students, and the rest moved to the EU for asylum or other reasons.

5.7% of the population in Germany have no citizenship of any EU member-state.

According to the report, some 316,000 people were refused entry to the EU, mainly to Spain.  

Around 427,000 were arrested for illegal migration. This is about 40,000 arrests up from 2011.  

2.5 million Ukrainians are currently working abroad, almost half of them illegally. 

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