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8 September, 2013  ▪  The Ukrainian Week

Simple Philosophy

Dramatic vocals, acoustic guitars and synthetic retro bass - Ukrainian pop-rock band Lama released its third album

Forever is the ambitious title of the third record released on September 2 by the pop-rock band Lama. Lead singer Natalia Dzenkiv and the band’s producer Vitaliy Telezin who used to work with some of the most popular musicians, including Okean Elzy, Druha Rika, Zemfira and Lyapis Trubetskoy, wrote the lyrics and composed the music on the new album. It includes seven new and five older tracks recorded and released earlier. One of them, Only You (Лиш тільки ти) was the most played Ukrainian song in May.


The video for it brought Lama back to the stage after a break. Just like most of its previous videos, the band shot this one abroad. Although Natalia was born in Ivano-Frankivsk and sings in Ukrainian focusing entirely on the local music market, she opts for foreign locations for the videos. Only You was made in Dubai, Sorry (Пробач) was shot in Venice, From the Source (З джерела) arrived from Barcelona, while I Need This (Мені так треба) and Airplane (Літак) were made in Berlin. Apparently, foreign locations make the videos more popular. But maybe Lama is trying to enter the Western market, too. For this, as Natalia explained, From the Source – a song from her second album - was translated into English and the team negotiated with foreign record labels to have it promoted abroad.

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Before the record was released, Natalia said that it would be more of a rock album, albeit still melodic. Her first record was about love, the second one focused on the search for sense in life, and the latest album was born in tours. Hence, the perfectly expected road and travel themes. In addition to the promised rock atmosphere, the audience will hear Lama’s usual tragic and dramatic tunes, prevailing acoustic guitars and strings, and a prominent synthetic retro bass line. The lyrics are as laconic as always, some lines repeating over and over again. The images in songs are similar to those in previous albums, mostly very simple. But that’s the main idea: to make songs easy and philosophical at the same time. To stick to this concept, the musicians balance between sending a message to the audience and going deep into philosophy.

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