Ukrainian military reveal details of bloody battle in Donbas that brought casualties

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3 April 2019, 18:46

A major battle erupted near the town of Popasna in Donbas on April 2, resulting in two Ukrainian defenders being killed in action. A 120mm projectile hit the trench. The battle began at noon and lasted for several hours. After its ending, fragments of not only a 120mm, but also 152mm projectile were found at the position where the troops had been killed. In total, four projectiles hit the position, the report says. "Their drone was operating at a little over a 1,000 m altitude over our positions. Most likely, it was spotting fire," Commander of the Donbas Battalion, Viacheslav Vlasenko, said. Read also Donbas death toll rises as Ukraine reports 2 KIAs on Tuesday.

The military have been expecting the attack since it was mostly quiet during the elections. The site where the 152mm projectiles hit was calm – it hadn't seen such shelling for a long time. Soldiers say tanks and armored personnel carriers have been spotted near the border and the number of enemy troops has also increased. As reported earlier, a soldier with callsign Did [Gramps] and a female soldier Yana Chervona callsign Vidma [Witch] were killed in the shelling. The latter took active part in the Maidan events in Kharkiv and became a volunteer, serving in the Aidar Battalion, and in Donbas Battalion since 2016. She is survived by a son and daughter. "Yana Chernova had no chance of surviving in this hell," the Donbas Battalion commander said, posting the picture of the position hit by the enemy.


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