Ukrainian flag hoisted in occupied Crimea in memory of Marines killed in Donbas

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11 August 2019, 18:00

Ukraine's state flag was unfurled over Sudak, the town in the Russian-annexed Crimea. This was a gesture to pay tribute to the Ukrainian servicemen killed in Donbas on August 6. Bohdan Kovalyov, the counselor of the head of Kherson regional state administration posted that on Facebook.

"(…) Local patriots of Ukraine hosted the Ukrainian flag, in memory of four warriors who deceased in the Joint Forces Operation zone on August 6", Kovalyov wrote.

Four Ukrainian fighters lost their lives in an obnoxious attack on the position near Pavlopol, Donetsk region on August 6. Russian invaders breached the active ceasefire mode; a rocket-propelled grenade hit the trench, where four Ukrainian Marines remained at the time. Their names were Oleksandr Sharko, Vladyslav Rak, Serhy Shanda and Vasyl Kudrov.


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