Ukraine’s Cabinet lists new quarantine measures

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2 April 2020, 10:26

To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Ukraine's Cabinet has announced new, tougher measures for the period of the respective quarantine until April 24, 2020. In particular, in public places, people should be wearing face masks and only a group of two individuals will be allowed. Such measures were proposed to be added to government resolution No. 211 on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Ukrainian territory. The government will have one day to finalize the proposals, the Cabinet's press service said on Wednesday, April 1.

"Given a daily increase in the number of patients with COVID-19 in Ukraine by more than 10% and taking into account the decision of the State Commission on Industry-Related and Environmental Safety and Emergencies and international experience, the government considers it necessary to introduce more stringent quarantine measures," it said. In particular, during the quarantine scheduled to end on April 24, 2020, throughout Ukraine, citizens will not be allowed to: – stay in public places without a face mask or respirator; – move by a group of more than two persons, except for cases of service exigency and the need to accompany children; – stay in public places if persons are under 16 and are not accompanied by adults; – visit parks, public gardens, recreation areas, park belts and coastal areas, except for walking pets by one person and in case of service requirements; – visit sports grounds and children's playgrounds; – conduct mass events (cultural, entertaining, sports, social, religious, advertising and other gatherings) involving more than 10 participants, except for the measures necessary for the work of state authorities and local self-government agencies, etc. It should be noted that certain restrictive measures have already been put in place by certain local authorities. All other restrictions will be finalized after taking into account the proposals of Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova and the respective ministries and agencies. As was reported, the decision to strengthen the quarantine-related measures was made at the initiative of the Health Minister at a Cabinet meeting on April 1, with finalization due until April 2. The new restrictions will apply to transportation, self-isolation, and observation


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