The enemy on the brink

9 February 2022, 14:18

Since the spring of 2021, the armed forces of the Russian Federation near Ukraine are growing. Now the presence of the Russian servicemen in Belarus has grown many times over along this section of our border. Alexander Lukashenko explains this as a before the joint exercise "Union Determination-2022", and the so-called danger from Ukraine. In addition, the threat remains from occupied Transnistria, Crimea and occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In total, according to various sources, it is from 40 to 70 battalion tactical groups (BTG) with a variety of weapons (including tanks, missile systems and aircraft), which are in close proximity to the Ukrainian borders.

In addition to regular military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine, which at the same time on a rotational basis involved in JFO, protection of the administrative border with the occupied Crimea and must provide defense of the entire territory of our state, the enemy may face the recent Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to official information, in the border regions Independent Territorial Defense Brigades are formed by 70%, but the actual manning and armaments level, and combat readiness are unknown.

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