Militants recently shell positions of Ukrainian marines in Azov area

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3 August 2019, 19:55

Illegal armed groups recently violated the ceasefire in the Azov area, shelling the positions of Ukrainian marines, the press center of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) reported on Saturday on its Facebook page.

According to the report, the illegal armed groups fired mainly using small arms and heavy machine guns.

According to one of the marines, the enemy shot randomly in different directions, provoking retaliatory fire.

"Now the situation has returned to normal, the situation is tense, but it is under our control, we are monitoring the enemy," the Ukrainian military said.

According to the report, recently at night the enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group decided to penetrate the positions of the marines, however, "several invaders blew up their own mines."

In addition, illegal armed groups use drones to monitor the actions of the Ukrainian military.


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