28 August 2012, 14:44


Free Ukrainian language training courses must be offered, and anyone who has failed to master the language in the given time (with possible exceptions for those the age of pensioners) should not be allowed to work in these agencies.

Term of realisation – one year

Officials, law enforcement personnel and the judiciary must switch to the exclusive use of Ukrainian in their communication with citizens. To talk to those who do not understand the state language, interpreters must be used; for the underprivileged categories of citizens these may be hired at budget costs.

Term of realisation – three years

The expected result

In three to five years, Ukrainian will dominate in official communication in government bodies, the judiciary and law enforcement structures across the territory of the country. After de-Russification professional fighters for the second state language will be left out of work.


For all private national television and radio broadcasting companies the mandatory minimum quota of Ukrainian-language programming must be set at 80 per cent, and quotas for the languages of ethnic minorities should be comparable with their share in the overall structure of the population.

In the first three years, the state multichannel TV system (five to six channels) must be set up, with one channel for national minorities. The programming of state TV channels must consist exclusively of Ukrainian-language production (in the original or dubbed).

Term of realisation – three years

Expected result

In 5-10 years, 90 per cent of citizens will be regularly watching almost exclusively Ukrainian-language TV channels and listening to Ukrainian-language radio programmes.


A norm prescribing the use of Ukrainian as the only language of instruction in the territory of all education institutions (both in and outside classes) must be introduced. The exception is foreign language classes.

Advanced study of the Ukrainian language, literature, history and traditions must be introduced in education institutions for ethnic minorities in order to instil in their students respect for the national identity of the country in which they live.

The proportion of subjects taught in Ukrainian in the schools for national minorities that are funded by state and local budgets must gradually increase: from 20 per cent in the fifth year of the programme to 60 per cent by the end of the 10th year.

Term of realization – 10-15 years

Expected result

In 10 years, 90 per cent of students in all Ukrainian schools will speak Ukrainian fluently.


There must be a mandatory norm requiring all printed media sold in the territory of Ukraine to have a Ukrainian – language version of their product available at all sales points.

Term of realisation – one year

Expected result

In 5-10 years, the print run of the Ukrainian-language press in the territory of our country will be no less than 70 per cent.


The number of copies and assortment of books in bookstores in all regions of Ukraine must be correlated with the proportion of Ukrainians in the structure of the local population but must be no less than 50 per cent.

The state must assume financing of 90 per cent of the budget of films/albums produced by young Ukrainian directors and performers. These products must be exclusively in Ukrainian.

Expected result

In 5-10 years, 75-80 per cent of citizens will read books largely in Ukrainian. Competitive Ukrainian cinema and show business will emerge.

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