EuroMaidan leaders provide public guarantee to military and police officers requesting it in return for joining the people

20 January 2014, 20:13

This is the guarantee that was being asked for earlier, to get officers and their units to join the people:


Should you and the Berkut, Internal Forces and Armed Forces squads and units under your command withdraw and cease all forceful actions being demanded of you by the self-pronounced dictator Yanukovych against those who are protesting now on vul. Hrushevskoho and in future confrontations,

We, the undersigned, publically guarantee all officers, commanders and rank-and-file (other than those identified as having beaten people on November 30, 2013) and all staff of the MInistry of Internal Affairs (other than Minister Zakharchenko) and the MInistry of Defense of Ukraine:

1) Secure escort from the site of confrontations with protestors;
2) No persecution, whether criminal or administrative, arising out of events on the Euromaidan, today or in the future;
3) The right to continue to serve the People of Ukraine in a post equivalent to the one they currently hold.

Most importantly, you will be the pride and joy of every citizen and your action will provide the foundation for a qualitatively new law enforcement system in Ukraine.

Andriy Parubiy
Vitaliy Klitschko
Lesia Orobets
Dmytro Yarosh
Vitaliy Yarema

 Translation by Lidia Wolanskyj for the EuroMaydan Facebook account

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