EU to discuss problems of fight against corruption in Ukraine during Ukraine-EU summit

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6 October 2020, 00:02

The European side intends within the framework of the EU-Ukraine summit to raise the issue of the independence of anti-corruption bodies and the state of fight against corruption in general, a high-ranking European official said on the eve of the summit to be held in Brussels.

"We will discuss all areas. The agenda will include the issue of independence of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Bureau, or the cases of the High Anti-Corruption Court, which were closed earlier this year without any decision. These elements will be on the agenda, we will ask about them and discuss them with our colleagues from Ukraine," he said.

We will also talk about the implementation of the law on national security, which "will be a very important element."

He noted that the memorandum of understanding on the allocation of macro-financial assistance in the amount of EUR 1.2 billion provides that the Ukrainian side will amend legislation in the field of judicial reform, taking into account the opinion of the Venice Commission. There is also a problem with the implementation of the law on national security, where progress has been quite limited, there are problems with reforming the Security Service, which "should not have some kind of judicial power or investigation that can lead to corruption," he noted.


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