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What future for the EU after Brexit?
22 January, 2020   ▪   Michael Binyon
During the 3rd Lviv Security Forum, the director of German Marshall Fund's office in Ankara discussed the current state of relations between Turkey, USA, and Russia and perspectives of Ukraine-Turkey dialogue
17 January, 2020   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
What the Russian authorities can do to preserve the current regime
9 January, 2020   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
How different UK political forces prepare for Parliamentary elections
30 December, 2019   ▪   Michael Binyon
During the 29th Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland) The Ukrainian Week talked with Robert Brinkley, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Ukraine Forum, Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House about perspectives of Ukrainian relations with West and Russia
28 December, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
As American hegemony wanes, America’s regional alliances unravel
24 December, 2019   ▪   Марк Войджер
Why hasn’t Facebook heard Ukraine's voice yet?
23 December, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
Who conducts lawfare against Ukraine, and why?
13 December, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
“It’s now or never.” This quote is constantly used by the supporters of the continuous pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, which are about to enter the sixth month since the marches of millions of people in June
4 December, 2019   ▪   Сюзанна Вонг
During the 29th Economic Forum in Krynitsa-Zdroi, The Ukrainian Week has met professor of the Spain´s National Defense Advanced Studies Center Federico Aznar Fernandez-Montesinos to discuss modern terrorism, ways to defend the core democratic values and possible solutions against existing threats
3 November, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
What economic and political challenges are threatening the new UK Prime Minister
20 October, 2019   ▪   Michael Binyon
Will Boris Johnson be able to repeat the success of his cult-hero Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of Great Britain?
21 September, 2019   ▪   Michael Binyon
Iran’s hybrid expansionism in the Middle East, the ‘Shi’a axis’ and Russia: from soft power competition to hard confrontation with the US
11 September, 2019   ▪   Марк Войджер
Why is the Kremlin financing right-wing political ventures in Europe?
7 September, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
During the 2nd Ukrainian Defense Hackathon The Ukrainian Week talked to the Head of Spectrum and C3 Infrastructure Branch at NATO Headquarters C3 Staff on the results of the competition, the details of the main projects of the Alliance for Ukraine and prospects of cooperation with the Ukrainian security and defense sector.
22 August, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
How Lithuanians acquired its right to recognition
20 August, 2019   ▪   Вайдас Сальджюнас
What way will India go after the parliamentary elections
11 August, 2019   ▪  
Without action on the part of Ukrainian diplomats, the Normandy format will not work
3 August, 2019   ▪   Alla Lazareva
After European elections: a new start?
24 July, 2019   ▪   Philippe de Lara
Why is right-wing populism on the rise around the world
21 July, 2019   ▪   Michael Binyon
The Ukrainian Week talked again with an attorney representing the families of those killed in the disaster of the Malaysian MH17 flight in a lawsuit against the Russian Federation in the European Court of Human Rights, on the evidence in this case, and on the possible consequences of the verdict for Russia
21 June, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
How are the Arctic Ocean, the Black and the Azov Seas interrelated in Russia’s strategic military thinking?
14 June, 2019   ▪   Марк Войджер
During the 12th Kyiv Security Forum The Ukrainian Week met with the British historian and political scientist to discuss the electoral situation in Ukraine as well as the policy of deterring Russia
31 May, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
During the 12th Kyiv Security Forum The Ukrainian Week met with the American publicist and researcher of Russian policy, Brian Whitmore, to discuss the future steps of Moscow in Ukraine and in the world, as well as details of the Kremlin's strategy for the West
19 May, 2019   ▪   Yuriy Lapayev
Potential Russian courses of action in Venezuela based on the experience of Ukraine and Syria
17 May, 2019   ▪   Марк Войджер
Is there any chance for a peaceful settlement of the crisis?
11 May, 2019   ▪  
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