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17 March, 2011  ▪  Oksana Khomyn

Ukrainian Saturday’s School to Be Opened in The Hague, Netherlands

Last Saturday 5th of March in the Embassy of Ukraine in Den Haag with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Netherlands ran a meeting organized by attach?

Olena Vlasenko , director of the Cultural Fund named after Solovyov  Susanna Akhverdova and the director of the School Taras Ploshchansky regarding opening Saturday /Sunday’s  school for children in Ukrainian Language.

Mr. Ploshchansky himself was born in America and there he attended the Saturday’s Ukrainian School. The Idea and a wish to open it now came from own experience and from the desire to let his own 5 years old son to follow his steps. Since long time searching for any possibility of education in Native Ukrainian language finished for him with no results, together with Susanna Akhverdova in September 2010 he decided to open it by them own. They have been backed up with some parents support at the beginning who were interested to give their children the possibility to attend such a school and stay attached to their roots.

Mr.Ploshchansky himself received Ukrainian language, culture and history knowledge thanks to such a school and finds it very important for Ukrainians abroad. Now Mr.Ploshchansky can freely communicate in pure Ukrainian language and wishes to continue to extend the idea of popularising Ukrainian culture within immigrants.

At this time there are still opened some negotiations with the sponsors and investors. The organizers are keeping updating their methodical programme with the most advanced and actual strategies of teaching taking the samples from Russian and American colleagues.

Because of the holidays not all Parents have attended a meeting but many have found time to come from Utrecht, Leiden, Rotterdam and other cities of the Netherlands.

It was decided that the lessons will be held every Saturday  starting from 14th of March , continued for 3 hours dividing every another hour on cultural moment, historical moment and traditional leisure hour with studying Ukrainian folklore, art etc. Parents are busy on organizing themselves for to act as an educative team in a very soon future for own toddles.

Has been found a place to be rented for the school until the Summer time. After some pondering it was decided to settle at the end in The Hague indeed Leiden. That’s the School building too in a very good condition, has a little back yard for the children’s play time.

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