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4 August, 2013

Things to do in August: Travel Tips for Visitors

The Ukrainian Week offers a selection of events not to miss in Ukraine in August

2 – 25 August

Genoese Helmet

Genoese Fortress

(Sudak, Crimea)

The 13th International Knights’ Festival will take place on the territory of the mighty fortress, taking all visitors back to the Middle Ages. The purpose of the festival is to revive medieval culture and history, also support the global tradition of similar festivals. This year, the programme includes jousting, tossing the caber and throwing knives, a costume contest and a folk arts and crafts exhibition-fair. A large-scale tournament of archers with surprisingly good trophies for the winners will be a new addition to the festival. Visitors can also enjoy Crimean beaches, beautiful landscapes and the warm waters of the Black Sea, places that still remember the real knights, Cossacks, merchants and travelers that passed through in years gone by.


7 – 28 August, 7 p.m.

Summer Music Rays

National Philharmonic

(2, Volodymyrsky Uzviz, Kyiv)

The National Philharmonic has prepared a pleasant surprise for classical music lovers. For the entire month of August, it will host a festival of orchestral music. The programme features some of the top Ukrainian musicians, including the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic, Kyiv Chamber Orchestra, Academic Wind Orchestra, and the Kyiv Soloists Chamber Ensemble. They will perform works by Franz Schubert, Edvard Grieg, Antonín Dvořák, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Mozart and others. Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons is also on the list.   


8 August, 8:30 p.m.


Atmasfera 360

(57/3 vul. Velyka Vasylkivska, Kyiv)

One of the best downtempo/ambient projects in Ukraine presents its new album entitled We Are One. The recording career of Nick Klymenko aka Chronos includes six albums and over thirty tracks in international compilations released by top electronic music labels. The band’s sound is a harmonious fusion of contemporary electronic music, including intelligent dance music known as idm, chillout, trip-trance, ambient and breaks, as well as elements of jazz, funk, ethnic tunes, flamenco, rock and classical music. The project continues experimenting with new sounds and music technologies, and pleases its fans with surprising new discoveries.  


Through 20 August


Expocentre Ukrainy

(1, Prospect Akademika Hlushkova, Kyiv)

The Labyrinth covers six rooms – paths: Recognition, Creativity, Masquerade, Self-Discovery, Relations and Observation. The organizers offer visitors total freedom in the choice of path. They must be guided by their personal experience and intuition. No matter which path they choose as the starting point, visitors have to go through the entire maze. The game resembles human life – indeed, we all keep looking for an exit our whole life. However, as we look for the exit, we often forget the purpose of our search. Artists focus on these and other aspects of human existence in their works.


Through August 25


Yakiv Greter Art Centre

(6, vul. Vadyma Hetmana, Kyiv)

Three Ukrainian female artists will present their works in this show. They are all different yet similar in terms of their artistic perspective of the world. The original style of Petra Rubar’s portraits takes the viewer into the world of dreams and hopes, where the observation of eternity becomes a reality. Uliana Nesheva’s paintings are filled with drama and sophisticated emotions. Her heroes do not scream of their bitter life experience but speak silently to a viewer’s mind and soul. The installation of the Kharkiv-based artist Lilia Isyk symbolized the never-ending cycle of life and time as two parallel vectors of human existence.

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