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14 June, 2011

2011 Summer Festivals

June 24-27U.ROK

Beach near Lymanska Station, Zatoka, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky district, Odessa region

The festival will feature live music of various genres and trends performed by Ukrainian bands (Vivienne Mort, Merry Street, Inshe Bachennia, Rusychi, Mute, Arytmia and others) and participants from abroad – A-front (Poland), Multipass (Russia) and The Toobes (Belarus) – as well as a literary slam, theatrical performances, films, photo and graphics exhibits, land art and other events.


Rzhyshchiv, Kyiv region

This ethno-cultural fest traditionally has thematic music stages, a fire show, mystic performances and a children’s playground. This year its theme is air and the program has been expanded to include an exciting quest and performances by the fiery Haidamaky and the psychedelic AtmAsfera.


Spivoche Pole, Kyiv

Initiated by Oleh Skrypka and his VV band as a revival of ethnic motifs, this festival will again bring together its followers at the same venue. In addition to the permanent fixtures – Skrypka himself and jazz cabaret Zabava – this year’s program includes Yat-kha (Tuva, Russia), Hazmat Madine (USA), De Temps Antan (Canada), Sari Kasinen (Finland) and Osimira (Belarus).


Popovychi, Mostysks district, near Shehyn (on the Ukrainian-Polish border)

This will be the meeting place for Ukrainian and foreign bands, such as Mertvy Piven, Haidamaky, Perkalaba, ShockolaD, Let Me Introduce You To The End (Poland–USA), Niagara, Abu-Kasymovi Kaptsi and Big Fat Mama Band (Poland). The program will feature master classes, film viewings, literary events and a contemporary drama fest.

July 12-16 ARTPOLE

Unizh, Ivano-Frankivsk region

This year the festival’s MCs will be Serhii Zhadan and Pavlo Nechytailo and participants will include Wild Marmalade (Australia), Feloche (France), Dva (Czech Republic),

PortMone (Belarus), Trio VD (Great Britain), Besh'o'droM (Hungary) and Village

Kollektiv (Poland). Ukraine will be represented by Solospivy, Propala Hramota, Folknery, Haidamaky, Perkalaba and other bands.

July 15-17 TARAS BULBA

Dubno, Rivne region

In addition to the more known bands, such as Viy, Ot Vinta, Anna, Komu Vnyz, Tol, Anna, Hapochka, Niagara, Portseliana, Bram Stoker and ETC, the festival will host a competition of young performers – its potential headliners in the future.

July 22-24 PIDKAMIN

Pidkamin, Brody district, Lviv region

For the fifth time the festival will gather together the ethnic and rock music enthusiasts on the picturesque hills in Lviv region. The honorary participants are Komu Vnyz and VV. The festival’s menu is as follows: Day 1 - rock, Day 2 -ethnic music, and Day 3 - folk music.

July 25-28 FORTETSIA

Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky, Odesa region

This international music festival is held to mark Youth Day and focuses on promoting talented beginners. It is sure to attract enthusiasts of good music and dancing.


Slavske, Lviv region

Apart from the musical segment, the festival offers environmental, arts and sports programs and is certain to provide an abundant supply of vivid impressions to meet all tastes. Some of the top Ukrainian bands (Tartak, Haidamaky and Pikkardiyska Tertsia) have been invited. Lively performances by Orhanik, Tanaka, Arytmia, Sweetlo, Lezo Terezy and other bands will keep the audience entertained in the daytime.


KazantypRecreation Center, Shcholkine

(Cape Kazantyp, Tatarksa Bay, Crimea)

This international festival of music and modern art will bring to the Sea of Azov the followers of Dymna Sumish, Okrestr Che, PianoBoy, as well Russian and Belarusian bands – Lyapis Trubetskoy, Noize MC, Animal Jazz, Stigmata, etc. There will be more goodies as well this year — a photo exhibit, graffiti art and a night animation program.

August 6 HNIZDO

Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

Dedicated to journalist Ihor Pelykh, this music festival is aimed at fostering picturesque provincial towns by bringing together original music bands that expand the artistic horizons of the audience and attract guests from afar.

August 19-21 ZAKHID

TsunivAirport, Horodok district, Lviv region

Those who love active recreation will flock to this festival to experience Ot Vinta, Flit, Tin Sontsia, Dymna Sumish, Hutsul Kalipso, Sontse Kliosh, Zapaska, Ti Shcho Padaiut Vhoru, Zeleni Sestry, Krykhitka, LIUK-duet, Koralli, Merva, Sertsevyi Napad, Mertvy Piven, Los Colorados, FlyZza and other bands.

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