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21 September, 2020Breaking news
After three years of a hard-won visa-free regime with the Schengen Zone countries, European Union officials say Ukraine could lose it
20 February, 2019World
What should lie at the foundation of Ukraine’s integration into a united Europe so that later on there isn’t an Ukrexit?
6 February, 2019Politics
What unreasonable public expectations regarding the EU might get in the way of Ukraine’s eurointegration?
5 February, 2019Politics
What model of European integration Ukraine needs
8 November, 2018Economics
Ukrainian exports to the EU have reached record volumes and continue to rise sharply. But the potential for economic integration is far from being used effectively.
2 November, 2018World
Do we see an understanding of the Russian threat in the European Union?
27 June, 2016
Vice Premier for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration on her priorities and tools, details of Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO, and Ukraine’s overall position on the international arena
25 January, 2016
In countries such as Spain, France or Germany, public perceptions on Ukraine, the Maidan and the war, are a mixture of big-picture frame alongside much confusion
16 December, 2015
The most important challenges are to lay genuinely strong and stable political foundations so that Ukraine never swerves away from its European course of reform regardless of any political uncertainties future elections may bring
12 August, 2014World
Rebecca Harms, the President of the Greens-European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament, is one of EMPs who watch the situation in Ukraine closely. During her latest visit to Ukraine, The Ukrainian Week took a chance to speak to her shortly after her return from Eastern Ukraine.
11 June, 2014World
The Ukrainian Week talks to Wolfgang Ischinger, German diplomat who was the Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office for National Dialogue Roundtables in Ukraine, on his work, European and Ukrainian co-existence with Russia, and security threats of the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia
3 April, 2014News
About 98% of the customs duties that Ukrainian iron, steel, farm produce and machinery exporters pay at EU borders will be removed by a proposal backed by European Parliament on Thursday.
23 December, 2013Society
US Federal Judge Bohdan Futey talks about the new generation of Ukrainians and threats to Ukraine's independence
20 December, 2013News
The west was prepared to give Kiev at least €20bn in loans if Ukraine agreed sign a landmark European Union integration agreement last month. This information is available due to an internal EU document seen by the Financial Times.
19 December, 2013
The EU should apply a softer and wiser approach to Ukrainian society in terms of freedom of movement. No Ukrainian citizen should feel a poor cousin in EU countries
18 December, 2013
Thus far the U.S. reaction to the Ukrainian upheaval has been subdued, as the Obama administration evidently fears alienating Russia, which it needs to pursue its Middle East policies. It is time for the White House to specify its options, as Ukraine stands on the brink of outright conflict
17 December, 2013
Western diplomats have expressed “concern” over the situation in Ukraine. They “invite participants in the conflict to negotiate” but have hesitated to state a clear stance. This is not without reason
15 December, 2013Politics
There was a brief euphoria. The President’s incomprehensible and unexpected manoeuvre has baffled and disarmed both the opposition and the public, not to mention his loyal subordinates.
13 December, 2013News
As President Yanukovych’s team is dawdling with the solution of the political crisis in Ukraine, it is trying to get the most out of his defeat, comments Viktor Nebozhenko, President of the Ukrainian Barometer think tank
13 December, 2013News
The people on Maidan were defending something far greater than an association agreement with the EU. They were standing in the way of a police state, defending fundamental European values and defying the post-Soviet order imposed by Russia, The Economist writes
22 November, 2013News
Former co-rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) for Ukraine Hanne Severinsen says that turning point, which Vilnius summit could become for Ukraine, seems now to have been lost by a Regime that only has their private interests to fight for.
19 November, 2013News
On November 21, the Verkhovna Rada will vote on the European integration laws first thing, Speaker Volodymyr Rybak announces.
5 November, 2013Politics
Postponed Association Agreement signing may become an effective tool to put pressure on Yanukovych, but will make Ukraine more vulnerable to Russia
1 November, 2013
Ukraine will remain a friend to a democratic Russia in the future. Now, Ukraine and Russia are bound to bid farewell to one another
21 October, 2013Politics
The ex-premier’s intention to run in the presidential election may discourage Yanukovych from releasing her in exchange for the Association Agreement
21 October, 2013Politics
Under the cover of European integration, the government has pushed lobbied initiatives through parliament
1 October, 2013Officially
Parliamentary Assembly's written declaration No.554
20 September, 2013
20 September, 2013
Linas Linkevičius: Countries are free to choose whom they want to join. Their decision depends on arguments. When someone lacks arguments, temptation arises to use pressure and blackmailing
17 September, 2013News
Ukraine's oligarchs have benefited in the past from the Soviet-style, opaque politics. But analysts say they are ready to sacrifice some of that to EU regulation, Robert Coalson reports for Radio Liberty
16 September, 2013News
Moscow’s efforts to push Ukraine away from the EU have only led to growing the number of supporters for Kyiv's integration. Now, the Ukrainian government has to roll up its sleeves and make sure the Association Agreement is signed at the Vilnius summit, political consultant Yuriy Kochevenko writes for EurActiv.
15 September, 2013News
Ukraine lands 87th out of 156 in the World Happiness Report 2013, experts estimate for the UN
4 September, 2013News
Ukraine is losing leadership in European integration progress among Eastern Partnership countries. This conclusion is based on the 2013 European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership Countries, presented by the Renaissance Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Foundations in Kyiv today
6 August, 2013Politics
Developments in Ukraine and the lack of effect from the standard techniques of the Russian World have unnerved Vladimir Putin. This may push the Kremlin to radical steps to disrupt the signing of the Association Agreement and DCFTA with the EU and to eliminate the threat of a possible shift in Ukraine’s foreign policy after the 2015 presidential election
30 July, 2013News
Günter Verheugen (SDP), a former European Commission vice president sees “double-standards” in the German government's handling of Ukraine's bid to conclude an association agreement with the EU, EurActive reports.
4 July, 2013News
2 July, 2013News
A series of sex- and-bribery scandals in the new EU states is clouding the EU’s progress in Eastern Europe, reports GlobalPost
2 July, 2013News
During his visit to Kazakhstan British prime minister said the EU should extend its membership deeper into the former Soviet Union, calling for its borders to run from the Atlantic to the Urals, The Guardian reports.
27 June, 2013News
Sikorski said that Ukraine had “time until the end of the summer, if it wants to sign the Agreement in Vilnius,” reports EurActive
17 May, 2013Politics
The Yanukovych regime is sticking to its utilitarian approach to European integration, while presenting it as the pragmatic protection of Ukraine’s interests.
16 May, 2013News
Yulia Timoshenko`s case and its influence on the future of EU-Ukraine relations were one of the biggest issues discussed at the 6th Europe-Ukraine forum held in Budapest.
15 May, 2013News
European Commission adopted today the proposals for Council Decisions on the Signing and Provisional Application, and on the Conclusion, of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, including its Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, states the official website of the organization.
3 May, 2013News
1 May, 2013Politics
Czech Republic, as well as all the Visegrád countries would like to see Ukraine sign the Agreement soon
1 May, 2013
Democracy and the rule of law in post-Soviet Ukraine
30 April, 2013History
Ukrainian-European or the Soviet-Russian civilizational model will win out: with the former, Ukraine will quickly catch up with its Western neighbours. With the latter, it will likely cease to exist
29 April, 2013
In the face of a deep economic crisis in Ukraine, the achievements in Vilnius will matter to all Ukrainians
29 April, 2013World
Armenia, Georgia and Moldova have much better chances of signing the Association Agreement in Vilnius than Ukraine at this point. But things may change. The ball is on the Ukrainian side
26 April, 2013
Ukraine's joining the EU would dramatically and irreversibly change the political landscape of Europe, end the division of Europe and close the saga of the Iron Curtain and the Cold War
25 April, 2013News
The expansion of the EU thus far was somewhat problematic in terms of reconciliation of political sensitivities; therefore, Germany and France can be against the Agreement.
24 April, 2013News
24 April, 2013Officially
Written declaration No. 540 | Doc. 13184 | 23 April 2013
22 April, 2013News
Pieter Omtzigt, Dutch politician, member of the Christian Democratic Appeal and member of the EPP Group at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, questions the powers of Ukrainian delegation to PACE after Serhiy Vlasenko, lawyer for Yulia Tymoshenko, was stripped of his MP mandate, reports The Ukrainian Week’s correspondent from Strasbourg.
17 April, 2013News
“The positions of all member states are now coalescing around the vision of waiting for the situation on the ground to improve while keeping the option of signing the agreement open,” Olga Shumylo-Tapiola, a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, writes in her article published on the website of think-tank.
15 April, 2013News
“Ukrainian officials will find that despite the enormous cost and difficulty involved in completing the Association Agreement, a signing ceremony in Vilnius is only the beginning,” Matthew A. Rojansky, deputy director of the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, claims in his opinion for CNN.
5 April, 2013News
Not signing the Association Agreement will be a clear “lose-lose” situation for both the E.U. and Ukraine. Kostiantyn Yelisieiev, the ambassador of Ukraine to the European Union, writes in his opinion for The New York Times.
3 April, 2013News
“Western interests and values are best served by engaging Ukraine as a solid European partner”, Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy and former President of the European Commission, wrote in his opinion for The Christian Science Monitor.
3 April, 2013News
EU has never promised full membership to Ukraine, whereas Eurasian economic union has done it from the outset, Vladimir Chizhov, Russian representative to EU, told in his interview to EurActiv.
31 March, 2013World
The Ukrainian Week discusses Ukraine’s European prospects with Pawel Swieboda, formerly EU Advisor to the Polish president and currently President of DemosEUROPA Centre for European Strategy
31 March, 2013
Does Kyiv truly want to join both the EU and the Customs Union? If it is bluffing, then who is the true partner and who is the fake?
27 March, 2013News
Western sanctions could hurt the weakest part of Ukrainian society and push the country in the Russian arms, Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy and former President of the European Commission, noted at the Europe’s Eastern Neighborhood and the Future of the Eastern Partnership discussion held at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington on Marh 14.
27 March, 2013News
It is important for EU to open door for Ukraine without fighting Russia, Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy and former President of the European Commission, noted at the Europe’s Eastern Neighborhood and the Future of the Eastern Partnership discussion held at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington on March 14.
25 March, 2013News
“Despite its claims to the contrary, the European Union has faced difficulties in its relationships with neighboring states in its periphery, most notably Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia,” notes global intelligence company Stratfor.
19 March, 2013News
“After the summit held on February 25 in Brussels the EU-Ukraine relations are further deteriorating,” Amanda Paul, Policy Analyst and Programme Executive at The European Policy Centre, argues in her blog on Turkish newspaper Today`s Zaman.
22 February, 2013Politics
Yanukovych is trying to provoke the EU into not signing the Association Agreement
22 February, 2013World
Andrew Wilson, political analyst and Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, talks to The Ukrainian Week about the Ukraine-EU Summit and Yanukovych's tactics in negotiations with Brussels
21 February, 2013
An analysis of the government’s anti-corruption policy serves as a useful example
21 February, 2013Politics
The EU is signalling that it is prepared to soften its requirements for the Association Agreement with Ukraine, but Kyiv seems to be willing to abandon European integration altogether
8 February, 2013Politics
The actions of Ukrainian enforcement authorities look like efforts to disrupt the signing of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, but they could eventually prove futile
29 August, 2012Politics
Ukrainian society is more European-oriented than political elites think
4 June, 2012Society
The widespread attitude to Ukraine as a corrupt, failing and ever more authoritarian state is also transferred to its citizens
2 June, 2012World
Bernard Kouchner, former French Foreign Minister: "If you want to live in a better world, it's all possible in the EU"
3 May, 2012History
Varying interpretations of 20th century history prevent the movement to acknowledge Communist crimes from spreading throughout Europe
3 May, 2012Society
Ukrainian prisons are nowhere near European standards
3 May, 2012Security
Ukraine is no longer a priority for Western countries
26 April, 2012
It is a thousand times better for Ukraine to be regarded as the weakest link in the EU and NATO than the apple of the eye and the pride of Russia’s satellite world.
20 April, 2012World
The newly elected president of Moldova is a compromise figure for those who want to rally politicians and society around the common goal of European integration and restoring the country’s territorial integrity
7 March, 2012Politics
Europe seems to finally have understood who it is dealing with in Ukraine. The Ukrainian president is taking a lot of abuse for his policies from one European official after another
24 February, 2012World
Wolf Dietrich Heim, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Austria in Ukraine, talks to The Ukrainian Week about cooling relations between the EU and official Kyiv, the prospects of Austrian banks in Ukraine and the future of the eurozone
17 February, 2012Politics
Ukraine failed to make good on its commitments in its first year in the Energy Community and wants to pass the buck to the EU
27 January, 2012World
Genevieve Garrigos, President of Amnesty International France, talks about how to defend human rights
27 January, 2012Politics
The country in which tortures and inhuman jail conditions are of a norm could not negotiate on the Association Agreement
27 January, 2012Politics
The Draft PACE Resolution outlines the problems with democracy in Ukraine, but does not provide for any sanctions
27 January, 2012Society
Cécile Vaissié: “Democratic traditions work only when the government is balanced by an independent judiciary and freedom of speech”
30 December, 2011Politics
Following the Ukraine-EU summit, the Ukrainian government was alone in seeing “hidden membership prospects” being offered to Kyiv. The EU, instead, will reserve judgment until after the 2012 parliamentary election
23 December, 2011Politics
Association and Free Trade Agreements with the EU should not be segregated
22 December, 2011Politics
The Ukrainian Week publishes the resolution to be offered for approval at the Council of Europe session on 26 January
16 December, 2011Politics
Dietmar Stüdemann speaks about the upcoming Ukraine-EU summit in Kyiv and the need a state has for the rule of the principles of a civil society
25 November, 2011
Given a realistic chance to sign and ratify an association agreement with the EU, the current political elite in Ukraine has decided to get revenge on their political opponents like in a banana republic
14 November, 2011
The resolution on the situation in Ukraine recently adopted by the European Parliament signified the arrival of a new phase in relations between Ukraine and the EU
7 October, 2011Politics
At the Eastern Partnership summit, EU leaders indicated that there is a direct link between Ukraine’s European integration prospects and the Yulia Tymoshenko case
6 October, 2011Politics
Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira talks about the effect of scandalous trials in Ukraine on the prospects of signing the Association Agreement with the EU
6 October, 2011Politics
Ukraine will only be able to avoid turning into yet another one of Moscow’s puppet and the promoter of its interests on the EU border if the EU insists on keeping political processes in Ukraine within democratic limits
6 October, 2011Politics
The EU is leaning towards signing an Association Agreement and Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine but ratification will depend on whether political repression stops
27 September, 2011Politics
This time, Europe said a deliberate "No!" during the Yalta Forum, instead of its common "Yes".
16 September, 2011Politics
Dirk Brengelmann, Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy at NATO, talks about the Alliance’s strategic interest in Ukraine and the priority of Ukraine’s European integration
2 September, 2011
Twenty years after gaining independence, Ukrainians are once again enduring overbearing leaders. Breaking this circle of evil should be the main goal of all future politicians.
5 August, 2011Politics
Former French Ambassador to Ukraine, Philippe de Suremain: “Ukraine is the cornerstone of the future Europe”
1 August, 2011World
Poland has the Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) since July. Will Ukraine benefit from this?
20 July, 2011World
Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts: “Building a new democratic state in Estonia and implementing e-government went hand in hand”
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The culture of 'Muscovite Rus' came to form from two heterogeneous sources. The seed of the religious and artistic culture reached Muscovy from southeastern Europe (Byzantium, the Balkans) through Kyiv. On the other hand, the foundation of the political and legal culture came to Muscovy from 'Ulus Jöchi', better known as the Golden Horde. As a result, the Russian "spiritual culture" took the shape of a familiar European facade, behind which a non-European state infrastructure hid.
7 April, ,
German chancellor Olaf Scholz says Putin’s comments on US biological weapons seemed like an ‘implicit threat’
23 March, ,
It is us, Ukrainians, and all the citizens of this country, who must keep studying our own history. To defend our land and our country, we must know it better.
20 March, ,
86.6% of Russians tolerate and support the potential assault on the territory of the European Union, including: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and others as evidenced by the results of the sociological survey conducted by “Active Group”
18 March, ,
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