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29 FebruaryCulture
How culture is being absorbed by the internet and what comes after
30 October, 2013News
Ukrainian Bit Torrent portal is ranked #1 as the most notorious site to distribute illegal copies of movies and TV shows in the survey compiled by the the Motion Picture Assn. of America, The Los Angeles Times reports.
7 August, 2013News
Ukraine received 4th position in top-10 spam-countries in the World with Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 585. The Spamhouse Project reports
1 July, 2013News
Ukraine is moving to protect intellectual property and its foreign investors
8 February, 2013Society
Internet movements are helping Ukrainians to overcome intimidation, disseminate accurate information and coordinate activism, yet they should not be viewed as an alternative to street protests
26 July, 2012Culture
Chaos with music copyright protection is killing Ukrainian music
7 October, 2011Investigation
So far Ukrainian cybercriminals have done damage to Western Europeans, but they may target Ukrainians at any moment
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Minister claims Ukraine is facing the peak of COVID-19 spread
day before yesterday, ,
What kinds of problems does the low pace of consumer inflation suggest?
day before yesterday, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk,
Russian-Ukrainian relations, increasingly tense since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, plummeted to a new low after Russia’s forcible absorption of the Crimean Peninsula in March 2014 and subsequent invasion of Donbas
7 April, ,
(Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov pictured in Kyiv on April 4, 2020)
5 April, ,
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