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21 May, 2018Economics
The Kremlin's gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine are a threat to the country's energy security. What can it do to protect itself from upcoming risks
24 July, 2017Economics
The threats and opportunities brought by Gazprom's probable termination of gas transit through Ukraine after 2019
14 March, 2016World
Polish energy analyst and chief editor of BiznesAlert, an online business and industry analysis publication, spoke to The Ukrainian Week about the new gas infrastructure in Europe, attempts of Gazprom to preserve its influence in it, and the dangers of Nord Stream 2
9 October, 2015Economics
Ukraine’s banking sector faces massive consolidation and change of owners
20 August, 2015Politics
Ukraine’s Minister for the Power and Coal Industries talks about the gas balance, the chances of modernizing this sector, and the role of oligarchs in the Fuel & Energy Complex in an exclusive interview for The Ukrainian Week
8 July, 2015Economics
A number of challenges and opportunities are coming Ukraine’s way as the European gas market undergoes a major restructurin
23 April, 2015Economics
What reforms are going on in Ukraine’s energy sector and what is their outlook?
20 August, 2014Economics
The Ukrainian Week speaks to Alan Riley, Professor of Law at the City Law School, City University of London, about Ukraine’s energy potential, its weak spots and the prospects of the South Stream
30 June, 2014News
More diversions to damage Ukraine’s gas transit system and overall infrastructure could take place within the next few weeks. This could help Russia boost its Nord Stream says Mykhailo Honchar, Chair of the Strategy XXI center for global studies
29 June, 2014Economics
Complicated negotiations may result in complete Russian gas cut-off for Ukraine, but they show how vulnerable the Kremlin actually is
28 June, 2014News
The European Commission says that threats to “punish” European companies that supply or transit gas to Ukraine by Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller are absolutely unacceptable
17 June, 2014News
Ukraine’s Premier Arseniy Yatseniuk believes that Russia has disrupted gas talks not least because of the upcoming visit of President Petro Poroshenko to Brussels to sign the economic part of the Association Agreement with the EU, he said when speaking in Parliament
11 June, 2014World
The EU is beginning to take concrete action against its excessive dependence on Russian gas
15 October, 2013News
A desperate plea from Kyiv to Brussels for help to import more gas from EU markets at lower prices than those charged by Gazprom was lost in the recent buzz over Tymoshenko case, The Financial Times reports.
9 October, 2013News
Vladimir Putin’s statement of Gazprom’s discount for gas sold to Ukraine is an attempt to portray himself as Ukraine’s benefactor, comments Mykhailo Honchar, Energy Programme Director at the NOMOS think tank
9 October, 2013News
Russian banks issue a USD 750mn loan to Ukraine while Gazprom sells gas to stock up Ukraine’s underground storage facilities for the winter at a discount price of USD 260 per 1,000 cu m, Vladimir Putin says at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit press-conference
9 September, 2013World
Ineffective business model of the Russian gas monopolist makes it a weaker promoter of the Kremlin’s policies abroad
26 June, 2013News
“The added weight of surging prices for fuel imported from Russia has made the past seven years extra hard for Ukraine’s massive steel industry,” argues Financial Times.
13 May, 2013News
“Kiev’s attempt to return to talks with the EU about the consortium should be seen as an attempt to strengthen its own position in its negotiations with Russia,”expert at Center for Eastern Studies, Polish think-tank, says in his analytical report for the institution.
31 March, 2013Economics
Shell’s Vice President on Ukraine Graham Tiley talks to The Ukrainian Week about Shell’s Ukrainian partners and inflated fears of the damage shale gas production could do to the environment
20 March, 2013News
“A return to the presidential system, coupled with a stable and disciplined parliamentary majority, has given President Viktor Yanukovych unprecedented political powers,” write political analysts Sławomir Matuszak and Arkadiusz Sarna in their report From stabilisation to stagnation. Viktor Yanukovych's reforms.
22 February, 2013Security
Instead of ending total dependence on Russian gas, the Yanukovych regime appears to be ready to give the Kremlin Ukraine’s gas transit system in exchange for a share in RosUkrEnergo-2
21 February, 2013
And excellent orator and Ukrainophile, Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov claims that Ukraine's gas transit system is not that important as an element of the state's independence and energy security. He seems to forget, though, that it secures not only the transit but also the delivery of natural gas across Ukraine and has underground storage facilities that can be used to store imported gas, as well as that extracted domestically
8 February, 2013Economics
The main groups of influence within the conglomerate in power are trying to use the gas confrontation with Russia to achieve their own ends
26 September, 2012World
President Putin is nervous. Western experts believe that the European Commission has a good chance of winning the conflict regarding Gazprom’s monopoly prices on Central European markets
11 September, 2012World
Mutual dependence of Ukraine and Russia is rapidly tilting and Ukraine is growing more and more dependant on Russia.
18 June, 2012Economics
Shale gas extraction, if implemented, could turn Ukraine into an influential player on the European gas market
2 June, 2012Security
Edward Chow: “The Ukrainian authorities seem to put themselves in an ever worse position”
23 February, 2012Security
Gazprom’s aggressive policy during the abnormally cold weather in Europe hints at problems in Mr. Putin’s energy empire. However, it appears that Ukraine will not benefit from this
1 February, 2012Politics
Alain Guillemoles talks about what the French don’t know about Gazprom and Ukrainians don’t realize about their own energy prospects
7 October, 2011Economics
The uproar surrounding the gas wars hides the real roots of Ukraine’s energy dependence. It originates from oligarchs who prefer not to modernise their plants and rely on their shadow arrangements with Russia
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The culture of 'Muscovite Rus' came to form from two heterogeneous sources. The seed of the religious and artistic culture reached Muscovy from southeastern Europe (Byzantium, the Balkans) through Kyiv. On the other hand, the foundation of the political and legal culture came to Muscovy from 'Ulus Jöchi', better known as the Golden Horde. As a result, the Russian "spiritual culture" took the shape of a familiar European facade, behind which a non-European state infrastructure hid.
7 April, ,
German chancellor Olaf Scholz says Putin’s comments on US biological weapons seemed like an ‘implicit threat’
23 March, ,
It is us, Ukrainians, and all the citizens of this country, who must keep studying our own history. To defend our land and our country, we must know it better.
20 March, ,
86.6% of Russians tolerate and support the potential assault on the territory of the European Union, including: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and others as evidenced by the results of the sociological survey conducted by “Active Group”
18 March, ,
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