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27 December, 2021Breaking news
Russian president’s attention-seeking diplomatic demands speak to long-held grievances
18 December, 2021World
How the November tragedy in the English Channel could change approaches to migration policy in the UK and the EU
16 December, 2021World
The Ukrainian Week discussed bilateral relations between Ukraine and France, position of Paris on the arms selling to Ukraine and possibility of President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Ukraine in the nearest future with French Ambassador to Ukraine
13 December, 2021Breaking news
Strategy of ‘not provoking Russia won’t work’, Kyiv defence minister Oleksii Reznikov tells
11 June, 2021Breaking news
UEFA HAS DEMANDED that Ukraine make changes to their jersey for Euro 2020 to remove a “political” slogan that sparked protests from Russia
1 December, 2020Breaking news
According to the expert, it is necessary to develop competent communication with those countries that do not yet want to hear about the MAP for Ukraine so that they want to discuss this issue
1 December, 2020World
The Ukrainian Week has discussed the newest strategic agreement between Kyiv and London, bilateral partnership, and trade perspectives with Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Ukraine
6 October, 2020Breaking news
The European side intends within the framework of the EU-Ukraine summit to raise the issue of the independence of anti-corruption bodies and the state of fight against corruption in general
21 September, 2020Breaking news
After three years of a hard-won visa-free regime with the Schengen Zone countries, European Union officials say Ukraine could lose it
29 June, 2020Economics
Gains and losses from the institution of a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU
17 May, 2020Breaking news
While EU countries negotiate with Ukraine about special flights for seasonal workers, some people are coming to the bloc on their own, despite coronavirus restrictions. But they face many obstacles on the way
27 February, 2020World
Who’s to party in 2020 – the Euro-Atlantic community, Ukraine and Georgia, or Russia?
13 February, 2020Breaking news
Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has said that Ukraine and the European Union (EU) have signed an agreement on assistance worth EUR 25 million in the sphere of digitalization
22 January, 2020World
What future for the EU after Brexit?
28 December, 2019World
During the 29th Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland) The Ukrainian Week talked with Robert Brinkley, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Ukraine Forum, Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House about perspectives of Ukrainian relations with West and Russia
13 December, 2019Breaking news
The EU confirms its support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity
2 November, 2019Politics
In international relations, Ukraine keeps reacting to foreign initiatives rather than coming up with its own
8 July, 2019Breaking news
Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker will participate in the summit
23 June, 2019Breaking news
Ukrainian politicians and foreign diplomats joined thousands marching in a gay pride parade in Kiev on Sunday, the biggest and most peaceful ever in the former Soviet country
5 June, 2019Breaking news
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy intends to keep Ukraine "on the path of European and Euro-Atlantic integration." He also said he is ready to negotiate with Russia to end the war in Eastern Ukraine
3 May, 2019Breaking news
Danyliuk is responsible for international relations, economics, financial and banking policies, while Riaboshapka – for law enforcement oversight and anti-corruption policies
10 April, 2019Breaking news
The Ukrainian economy is successfully integrating with the European Union, just one of many positive aspects of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which came into effect in September 2017 and is now offering real result
15 March, 2019Breaking news
The EU demands that Russia release Ukrainian prisoners of war (POW) sailors who were attacked and captured in the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018, according to a press release prepared in connection with the imposition of sanctions against eight Russians because of these events
20 February, 2019World
What should lie at the foundation of Ukraine’s integration into a united Europe so that later on there isn’t an Ukrexit?
6 February, 2019Politics
What unreasonable public expectations regarding the EU might get in the way of Ukraine’s eurointegration?
5 February, 2019Politics
What model of European integration Ukraine needs
2 November, 2018World
Do we see an understanding of the Russian threat in the European Union?
10 October, 2018Breaking news
He said the summons was due to the existence of a "death list" of Transcarpathian Hungarians in Ukraine
4 October, 2018Breaking news
The Hungarian consul in Beregszász (Berehove) has been declared by Ukraine’s foreign ministry “persona non grata” and must leave the country within 72 hours, the ministry said on its website on Thursday
26 September, 2018Breaking news
Ukraine currently stands as the number one exporter to the EU, a title it has held for the past few years
14 September, 2018World
Why the principles of the existence of society become empty abstractions
18 April, 2016
This Wednesday, April 6, the Netherlands voted against the association agreement with Ukraine. Here, I will bring forward a few observations and conclusions
21 February, 2015
The Ukrainian Week spoke to Ulrich Speck, the EU expert and visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, about internal contradictions inside the EU, attitude to Russia and the role of Germany in preserving the unity of the European Unity.
4 January, 2015World
The Ukrainian Week talked to Vaira Vike-Freiberga, the sixth President of Latvia, about the EU’s strategies towards Ukraine, differences between new and old member-states and ways to counter Russian propaganda
4 January, 2015
More than ever Ukraine needs statesmen with a long term vision looking beyond the horizon of their current mandate
21 August, 2014Economics
Ukraine has strongly diversified its exports in terms of goods and destinations over the years of independence. But local companies must do more to promote their products in new promising markets
12 August, 2014World
Rebecca Harms, the President of the Greens-European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament, is one of EMPs who watch the situation in Ukraine closely. During her latest visit to Ukraine, The Ukrainian Week took a chance to speak to her shortly after her return from Eastern Ukraine.
5 November, 2013Politics
Postponed Association Agreement signing may become an effective tool to put pressure on Yanukovych, but will make Ukraine more vulnerable to Russia
4 November, 2013
The EU may be a more direct challenge to Moscow’s ambitions than NATO
2 November, 2013
The failures of democracy need precise and critical, not diplomatic comments
1 November, 2013
Ukraine will remain a friend to a democratic Russia in the future. Now, Ukraine and Russia are bound to bid farewell to one another
21 October, 2013Politics
Under the cover of European integration, the government has pushed lobbied initiatives through parliament
7 October, 2013Politics
In his exclusive interview for The Ukrainian Week, Lithuania’s Prime-Minister Algirdas Butkevičius talks about the importance of the Association Agreement for Ukraine at the Vilnius Summit and the impact of European integration on his country
4 October, 2013News
European Commissioner for Trade Karl De Gucht discussed trade and economic aspects of the impending Association Agreement and progress toward its signature during his meetings with the Ukrainian authorities on October 1-2, EU Co-Operation News reports
3 October, 2013News
President Bronislaw Komorowski has told Polish Radio he is optimistic that Ukraine will sign an association agreement with the EU at the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius in late November, Polskie Radio reports
1 October, 2013Officially
Parliamentary Assembly's written declaration No.554
24 September, 2013
How the September 22 Bundestag election will affect Berlin’s policy towards Ukraine
20 September, 2013
Linas Linkevičius: Countries are free to choose whom they want to join. Their decision depends on arguments. When someone lacks arguments, temptation arises to use pressure and blackmailing
10 September, 2013Politics
The excesses of the EU visa bureaucracy discourage the most pro-European part of Ukrainian society from gaining experience that is different from post-Soviet realities
2 September, 2013News
“Russia’s increasing pressure on its neighbor-states means that Washington and Brussels are still unable to articulate a coherent policy towards those states”, - writes Stephen Blank, senior fellow for Russia at the American Foreign Policy Council, in Washington
23 August, 2013Politics
Despite Viktor Yanukovych’s fear of Yulia Tymoshenko, whom he evidently considers his main political rival, he may agree to let her receive medical treatment in Germany. On one hand, this would sharply increase the regime’s chances of signing an Association Agreement with the EU, while on the other, it would create new obstacles for the opposition
14 August, 2013News
14 August, 2013
British Ambassador in Ukraine Simon Smith: “Progressive association with the EU, its standards and practices will be profoundly beneficial for Ukraine and will help it unlock its potential”
6 August, 2013Politics
Developments in Ukraine and the lack of effect from the standard techniques of the Russian World have unnerved Vladimir Putin. This may push the Kremlin to radical steps to disrupt the signing of the Association Agreement and DCFTA with the EU and to eliminate the threat of a possible shift in Ukraine’s foreign policy after the 2015 presidential election
6 August, 2013Politics
Chatham House’s James Sherr speaks on Russian diplomacy and the Kremlin’s possible efforts to hamper Ukraine’s real European integration
2 August, 2013News
The issue of imprisoned ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is moving towards a resolution but Ukraine has to step up other reforms reports
1 August, 2013News
Despite Kremlin’s attempts, Ukraine has hopes to sign an association agreement in November
30 July, 2013News
Günter Verheugen (SDP), a former European Commission vice president sees “double-standards” in the German government's handling of Ukraine's bid to conclude an association agreement with the EU, EurActive reports.
29 July, 2013News
Brussels criticizes Ukrainian government for replacing real actions with “promises of further bilateral discussions” after the first round of the Ukraine-EU Business Climate Dialogue
22 July, 2013News
An Association Agreement would help Ukraine along the rocky path towards democracy and away from the specter of Sovietism, claims Nicholas Kaufmann. Otherwise, Ukraine will return under Putin’s fold
16 July, 2013News
On July 14 Poland’s President Bronisław Komorowski visited Ukraine for a memorial service for the victims of the Volyn tragedy in 1943-44. He was joined by Ukraine’s Vice Premier Kostiantyn Hryshchenko.
4 July, 2013News
4 July, 2013News
The Eastern Partnership was a “model of EU integration without membership” but that it needed success stories in order to have a future, said Laurynas Kasčiūnas, an analyst at the Eastern Europe Studies Centre in Vilnius
4 July, 2013News
Ukraine should be strategically anchored inside Europe and use the long drawn-out ratification process by 28 EU members and the European parliament to secure a deal on Tymoshenko, cites GlobalPost
4 July, 2013News
Kiev knows it has little to fear from the US Senate Resolution 165 on Ukraine, recently introduced and pending in the Foreign Relations Committee; it does not threaten sanctions and has nothing in common with the Magnitsky Bill on Russia, writes Taras Kuzio for the GlobalPost
2 July, 2013News
During his visit to Kazakhstan British prime minister said the EU should extend its membership deeper into the former Soviet Union, calling for its borders to run from the Atlantic to the Urals, The Guardian reports.
3 May, 2013News
1 May, 2013Politics
Czech Republic, as well as all the Visegrád countries would like to see Ukraine sign the Agreement soon
30 April, 2013World
In order to avoid continued manipulation by the Ukrainian government, the West should focus on direct contacts with Ukrainian society more, and thus form its own concept of the processes in Ukraine
30 April, 2013News
30 April, 2013News
30 April, 2013History
To regain its status as a natural part of Europe, Ukraine needs to break free from Russian and Soviet colonial heritage
29 April, 2013
In the face of a deep economic crisis in Ukraine, the achievements in Vilnius will matter to all Ukrainians
29 April, 2013World
Armenia, Georgia and Moldova have much better chances of signing the Association Agreement in Vilnius than Ukraine at this point. But things may change. The ball is on the Ukrainian side
26 April, 2013
Ukraine's joining the EU would dramatically and irreversibly change the political landscape of Europe, end the division of Europe and close the saga of the Iron Curtain and the Cold War
25 April, 2013News
During his meeting with Andriy Klyuyev, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council EU- Commissioner emphasise that there are still several questions for signing Association Agreement remain unsolved.
25 April, 2013News
PACE confirms the powers of Batkivshchyna MP Andriy Shevchenko replacing Serhiy Vlasenko in the Ukrainian delegation, The Ukrainian Week’s journalist reports from Strasbourg. Vlasenko was stripped of his MP mandate earlier.
25 April, 2013News
The expansion of the EU thus far was somewhat problematic in terms of reconciliation of political sensitivities; therefore, Germany and France can be against the Agreement.
24 April, 2013News
24 April, 2013Officially
Written declaration No. 540 | Doc. 13184 | 23 April 2013
23 April, 2013News
The deadline for fulfilment of 11 requirements for signing the Association Agreement is May 15. Still, neither experts, nor politicians or citizens truly believe that Ukraine will manage to meet this deadline.
22 April, 2013News
Pieter Omtzigt, Dutch politician, member of the Christian Democratic Appeal and member of the EPP Group at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, questions the powers of Ukrainian delegation to PACE after Serhiy Vlasenko, lawyer for Yulia Tymoshenko, was stripped of his MP mandate, reports The Ukrainian Week’s correspondent from Strasbourg.
19 March, 2013News
“After the summit held on February 25 in Brussels the EU-Ukraine relations are further deteriorating,” Amanda Paul, Policy Analyst and Programme Executive at The European Policy Centre, argues in her blog on Turkish newspaper Today`s Zaman.
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The culture of 'Muscovite Rus' came to form from two heterogeneous sources. The seed of the religious and artistic culture reached Muscovy from southeastern Europe (Byzantium, the Balkans) through Kyiv. On the other hand, the foundation of the political and legal culture came to Muscovy from 'Ulus Jöchi', better known as the Golden Horde. As a result, the Russian "spiritual culture" took the shape of a familiar European facade, behind which a non-European state infrastructure hid.
7 April, 2022, ,
German chancellor Olaf Scholz says Putin’s comments on US biological weapons seemed like an ‘implicit threat’
23 March, 2022, ,
It is us, Ukrainians, and all the citizens of this country, who must keep studying our own history. To defend our land and our country, we must know it better.
20 March, 2022, ,
86.6% of Russians tolerate and support the potential assault on the territory of the European Union, including: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and others as evidenced by the results of the sociological survey conducted by “Active Group”
18 March, 2022, ,
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