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7 SeptemberWorld
How events around Afghanistan affected US-British relations and the domestic political situation in the United Kingdom
26 JuneWorld
What are the chances of success for the independence movement in Scotland
14 AprilWorld
Will vaccination successes return the United Kingdom to pre-quarantine?
5 AprilWorld
What will be the consequences for the British monarchy of the scandal surrounding the confessions of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
8 December, 2020World
What is the significance of the strategic partnership agreement between Ukraine and the United Kingdom?
22 June, 2020World
How the pandemic undermines confidence in the UK government
25 May, 2020World
What are the challenges of Britain's foreign policy?
11 May, 2020World
What has changed in the United Kingdom since leaving the EU
21 March, 2020World
Why the British program on deradicalization proved to be ineffective
22 January, 2020World
What future for the EU after Brexit?
30 December, 2019World
How different UK political forces prepare for Parliamentary elections
21 September, 2019World
Will Boris Johnson be able to repeat the success of his cult-hero Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of Great Britain?
31 January, 2019World
Who benefits and who loses from US troops withdrawal from Syria
8 June, 2018World
Why Great Britain is losing clout on the international arena
19 September, 2016World
How Europe is preparing for the possible presidency of Donald Trump
12 August, 2013World
Cheap flights now bring in thousands of young people on package holidays offering cheap alcohol and a license to behave badly
26 June, 2013Society
While more and more countries abolish death penalty, most people in authoritarian countries still strongly support execution
7 April, 2013
14 March, 2013
Apologising for past events in history has become an explosive issue around the world. Should statesmen take personal responsibility for events that happened long before they were born?
19 November, 2012Security
What should the West do about Syria? As the violence grows and more and more people are bombed, tortured and killed in bestial fashion, the pressure grows on the West to intervene to stop the killing.
12 October, 2012World
There is growing resentment in UK of the way that some militants from minority groups are exploiting the reluctance of the police, social services and the law to target known extremists for fear of being labelled racists.
11 October, 2012World
Is Britain still obsessed by social class? In recent years, this seemed to be fading. Under the governments of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, British society appeared to be more egalitarian, more meritocratic and less dominated by the way people speak, what school they attended and what position their parents had in society.
17 September, 2012Security
Clashes between Christians and Muslims are growing all along the boundary between the two religions, from Nigeria to Indonesia.
8 September, 2012World
After one of the longest, costliest and most colourful court cases in British legal history, Boris Berezovsky has suffered a spectacular loss in his lawsuit against Roman Abramovich, and will have to pay one of the highest bills for court expenses ever incurred by a private individual - amounting, according to most estimates, to well over £100 million.
3 September, 2012World
Case of Julian Assange founder of the Wikileaks became a diplomatic rebus for the United Kingdom and Ecuador
30 August, 2012Society
How will Britain use optimism, hope and sports facilities left after one of the best games in years?
13 August, 2012World
Out of all Western countries, Russia's worst relations are with the United Kingdom
18 July, 2012Economics
The scandal involving Barlays, one of Britain's biggest banks, reveals large-scale fraud on the Western lending market
9 June, 2012World
High hopes of the Arab Spring have crashed
25 May, 2012
Democracy was born in Athens, but the coming election in Greece may well bring Western democracy to its knees.
10 May, 2012World
Will the UK be the least hospitable host of the Olympics in the recent time?
3 May, 2012World
Austerity measures aggravate the troubles of European economies
28 April, 2012World
30 ultra-right parties are now active in Europe. They gain votes in elections, get through to parliaments, affect decision making and even sign agreements with traditional conservative political forces
29 March, 2012World
British conservatism is a philosophy of moderation which means that while Conservatives broadly support the established laws, they recognise the continual need for evolution rather than revolution.
22 March, 2012Society
The Church of England and Catholic Church condemn plans to allow gay marriages
21 March, 2012World
Ineffective completion of NATO's anti-terrorist campaign in Afghanistan may question further existence of the Alliance
7 March, 2012World
Every movement and all the initiatives made by the West or NATO in Vladimir Putin's eyes are seen as an efforts to harm Russian interests
21 February, 2012Security
The mounting anger and frustration in Cairo and other main cities paint a frightening picture
26 January, 2012World
2012 bodes troubles for most of the world
25 November, 2011
After OWS protests blockaded St Paul's Cathedral, Anglican church faces dilemma whether to support the state or maintain the protesters
11 November, 2011
Where are Turkey and Erdogan moving?
3 October, 2011Politics
Britain is one of the largest Western investors in Russia, yet has worse political relations with Moscow than any other major Western power.
6 September, 2011
Britain's Muslims are poorer, less well educated, have a higher unemployment rate and feel more alienated from the mainstream than almost any other ethnic or minority group.
21 April, 2011
Japanese nuclear engineers have finally succeeded in plugging the damaged reactor at Fukushima, stopping the deadly leak of radioactive water into the seas off the tsunami-devastated coastline. But they have not been able to plug the huge drain of confidence from nuclear energy around the world, which has forced governments to cut by half their projections for future nuclear generating capacity by 2035
31 March, 2011Society
The British media expert Michael Binyon speaks about the potential of social media and the need to preserve live communication with real people
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The Organization for Security and Cooperation on Europe has suspended its monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine following protests near its headquarters in separatist-controlled Donetsk, the chief monitor said on Sunday
yesterday, ,
What are the reasons for the deterioration of relations between the Western allies
16 October, Michael Binyon,
The world through the prism of Ukrainian interests
13 October, ,
Over the past day, October 10, ten ceasefire violations by Russian-occupation troops were recorded in the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) in eastern Ukraine
11 October, ,
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