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Спецтема: EURO-2012
4 October, 2013
Bandera Non Grata
The pro-Russian left in Ukraine may stand behind FARE’s campaign against Ukrainian “fascists” and “racists”
15 May, 2013
Euro 2013
A year after the championship: broken roads, empty airports and unprofitable stadiums
21 July, 2012
Life After Euro 2012
Finally, Ukrainians had a chance to witness the European worldview – free of post-totalitarian fear, restraint, rudeness and anger
9 July, 2012
Is Football just Another Name for Politics?
Bon ton for every fan is to rise and give his or her respect to the defeated team as if to say that they love and respect their team not only when it wins. Loyalty and fidelity is not about success; nor is it about reward.
6 July, 2012
Soviet Echo and Ukrainian People
Because of a lack of information, foreigners expect the worst of Ukraine and are generally pleased with what they see. Meanwhile frequent foreign guests are surprised by the fact that old Soviet habits are dying so hard in Ukraine.
6 July, 2012
Euro 2012 is No Cure for Isolation
As planned, the government is trying to convert the positive impressions of the “great football celebration” into political dividends before the election.
18 June, 2012
Pascal Boniface: “Football helps ease national and religious antagonisms”
Dr. Pascal Boniface, founding Director of IRIS (Institute for International and Strategic Relations), speaks on football as a factor of globalisation, the crisis of NATO and the future of Eastern Europe
15 June, 2012
“I Knew I Was Going to Hell”
Foreign football fans share their impressions of Ukraine with The Ukrainian Week
15 June, 2012
The Hools are Coming
Dougie Brimson, co-author of the “Green Street Hooligans” script, tells The Ukrainian Week whether Ukrainians should be afraid of foreign football fans, coming for Euro 2012
14 June, 2012
Time to Celebrate
The special Ukrainian attitude to life can turn any intent upside down. And after that, things that would seemingly unite and inspire only lead to a new round of social confrontation and discontent.
4 June, 2012
Giving ‘em the Runaround
In the lead-up to Euro 2012, the Western media has been competing to paint the scariest possible picture of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Week looked into what foreigners fear and what they are actually likely to find challenging in Ukraine
4 June, 2012
To Buy or Not to Buy
A large number of tickets for Euro 2012 football matches may go to Ukrainian scalpers
23 May, 2012
Hospitality Triumphs Over Greed
Many Ukrainians are willing to host foreign football fans at their homes for free
22 May, 2012
There Once Was a Dog
Apart from the known dog torturers in the country, many Ukrainians actually drop their careers and sacrifice their health to help abandoned and crippled animals
21 May, 2012
A Taste of Isolation
Bankova Street’s hopes to manipulate the EU have crashed. Europe has let Ukraine know that it cannot integrate with its current government, but the issue of an efficient alternative remains open
17 April, 2012
Train Tickets: To Buy or Not to Buy?
Innovations at Ukrainian Railway are good for nothing and passengers suffer
16 April, 2012
Euro 2012. The Death Match
The victims of the “football-minded government” are not only coalminers in Donetsk but also children in Galicia
22 February, 2012
Life After Euro 2012
If the Ukrainian government does not change its domestic policies, the country will face international isolation and subjugation to Russia after the 2012 European Football Championship
12 January, 2012
Group D: Ukraine, England, France and Sweden. Don’t panic
They say that a theater begins with a coat stand and a European soccer championship with the draw. In the case of our national squad, pessimists use this metaphor to say the show will be a flop.
20 December, 2011
Branding Ukraine: Lip-Synching a Happy Tune
A little over six months before the launch of Euro 2012, the Ukrainian government is starting to implement a program to “boost the country's image abroad”, unfortunately forgetting to create any basic foundation first
16 December, 2011
Money spent on promotional videos will be wasted if the country fails to shed its Soviet attributes
29 November, 2011
On the Eve of Euro 2012
Martin Kallen, UEFA Operations Director for 2012, says he’s happy with preparations for the championship in Ukraine
29 November, 2011
Window Dressing in Kyiv
As it prepares for Euro 2012, the government wastes billions to build Potemkin villages
29 November, 2011
The Sky Over Kharkiv
The biggest problems facing Kharkiv include the airport construction, opaque tenders and corruption
28 November, 2011
Putting a Premium On Culture
Wrocław Vice President Jaroslaw Obremski: “Citizens’ creativity is a value to the city”
28 November, 2011
The Engorges of Billions
Soaring costs and still too few hotels in Donetsk
28 November, 2011
Police vs Football Fans
Why the police raid football gangs
28 November, 2011
The Mysteries of Lviv
There is an aura of mystery concerning the way billions allocated for Lviv’s preparations for the championship have been appropriated
3 November, 2011
12 October, 2011
Money For What?
The Ukrainian government cannot be trusted with a large-scale construction project
1 August, 2011
Goods for EURO 2012
The Ukrainian Week discovers the likelihood of a dubious scam to import and export goods during Euro 2012, which is being lobbied on the legislative level
4 July, 2011
There’s Always a Plan
National projects are not so much determined by the interests of Ukraine, but by those of business structures, that are linked to politicians
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