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4 July, 2011  ▪  Rostyslav Pavlenko

Crown Prince Frederick: "We Must Represent the People and Every Soul of the Nation in the Best Possible Way"

Someone has to start moving "from the bottom up" to achieve a solution for problems

The modern world - globalized, super-fast and immersed in a parallel, "virtual" reality of social networks, tests mankind's traditional values and institutions. But tradition may well thrive in this world - not only adapting to the needs of the time, but changing ithem, being an anchor for millions and even entire communities. Success here depends on those who bear these traditions: how much they themselves can be modern and live in unison with the times and its demands while retaining the values they defend. 

The state visit to Ukraine by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has shown how this might look in practice. During his visit, Crown Prince Frederik met with Ukrainian musicians, experts and representatives of the National Olympic Committee. The meeting was organized with support from the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine, The Ukrainian Week and the Bookstore Ye.

"This meeting is a good way to get acquainted with the host country". Ten years ago Crown Prince was in Kyiv but it was for a short time and “a very different Kyiv.” So now the Danish Crown Prince shared his own experiences while seeking to learn about the vision of Ukrainian society of its modern lifestyle, art, music, sports and education.  

The Danish Monarchy is one of the oldest in Europe - it has ruled the peninsula country continuously for more than a thousand years and is connected to many other royal families in Europe. The Danish heir to the throne emphasizes that as a modern democratic country of Europe that has preserved the monarchy as part of its constitution, the Danish Monarchy has become an institution with a distinct role: "To represent the people and every soul of the nation in the best possible way”. According to Crown Prince Frederick, the monarchy in the modern world must not only "coordinate with democracy" – it plays a significant role within the democratic framework - in fact, he says, it is a national symbol of the country. HRH Crown Prince arrived in Ukraine with a delegation of Danish businessmen and took part in the Ukrainian-Danish Business Forum with the goal of establishing new and mutually beneficial ties between the countries.
Denmark has some know-how in "green" technologies, and is among the world leaders in alternative energy sources, particularly through recycling and energy conservation technologies.

Ukraine with its energy-consuming economy and environmental problems requires a broad introduction of such technologies. Especially important here, says Crown Prince Frederik, are the efforts of enthusiasts who develop creative and innovative solutions because someone has to start moving "from the bottom up" to achieve a resolution for these problems. Education is critically important for these initiatives to be successful. This means working with schools and explaining the needs of an environmentally conscious life, proper waste disposal and so on. 

Civic engagement was mentioned in yet another context. Referring to the problems of modern Greenland, the Crown Prince called the acquisition of greater civil liability of the local population a response to its "postcolonial" problem. Greenland enjoys broad autonomy and the more proactively the citizens participate in solving problems at all levels, the faster, and better the community will develop.  
Having a competitive national art product is no less important than proactive citizenship. The leaders of Ukrainian music bands popular both in Ukraine and abroad, including Sasha Koltsova from Krykhitka, Oleksandr Yarmola from Haidamaky and Dana Vynnytska from Ukrainian-Polish band DagaDana prove in their work that Ukraine produces competitive art.

Crown Prince Frederik is also an active figure in the world of sports. He is an elected a member of the International Olympic Committee. The Crown Prince said that in today's world a lack of physical activity and the abuse of "fast food" has become a problem. In particular, it leads to the spread of diseases such as type 2 diabetes which is not inherited but acquired as a result of metabolic disorder.
The Crown Prince supervises a number of pilot projects in his country devoted to promoting physical education in schools. The results of this experiment are noteworthy — for example, the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes is almost cut in half. The prince noted that perhaps school projects can serve to inspire further development of physical activities among children.

Free communication and understanding among the participants of the discussion and their readiness to discuss any topics show the face of the new European monarchy, open to the world, developing along with its people and guarding sound national traditions.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik (born May 26, 1968) - hereditary prince of Denmark, Count Monpeza. After accession to the throne, he will be named King Frederik X.

On his father's side, His Royal Highness Prince Henryk is descended from the French count Laborde de Monpeza. On his mother's side, Queen Margrethe II, the prince belongs to the Glucksburg dynasty. Crown Prince Frederik is a great-grandson of the Danish King Christian IX, and the British Queen Victoria.

The prince studied political science, from 1992 to 1993 at Harvard University; in February 1995 he received a PhD in political science.

In 1994, he trained at the Danish Mission to the UN in New York. From October 1998 to October 1999 he was First Secretary at the Embassy of Denmark in Paris.

The Crown Prince performed his military service in the Army, Navy and Air, including elite underwater swimming unit. Since 2004 he has been Captain, Navy Commander, Lieutenant Colonel of the Army and Air Force. He took part in the Sirius-2000 polar expedition. 

On 14 May 2004, Crown Prince Frederik married an Australian, Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, who on the day of the wedding received the title Crown Princess of Denmark Mary. He has four children - two sons (including the heir to the Danish throne, Prince Christian) and two daughters.


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