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27 October, 2012

ENEMO Observation Mission

ENEMO announces its observation plan of Election Day in Ukraine

European Network of Elections Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO) announced their plan for the Election Day observation effort. On October 25, 2012 ENEMO short term observers arrived to Ukraine. They were specially briefed and trained on political environment, specifics of the election process and election legislation. Short term observers will be paired with long term observers who have been deployed throughout the Ukraine since the beginning of August. On the Election Day ENEMO will have 86 observers paired in 43 short term observation teams that will observe opening of polling stations, conduct of voting inside polling stations, environment around polling stations and counting of votes in selected precincts throughout Ukraine, which is in the strong alliance with the international standards for international elections observation. ENEMO short term observation teams will operate as mobile teams and ENEMO expects to receive information from over 600 PS equally dispersed throughout all regions of Ukraine. Moreover ENEMO observers will follow transfer of PEC protocols to the district election commissions and tabulation process at the DECs. Focus of ENEMO observation will be to assess the work of election commissions (PECs and DECs), conduct of voting, conduct of tabulation and identifying potential irregularities and violations throughout the election day.

ENEMO realizes that Election Day is always the finalization of the long and stressful process of election campaigning which brings lot of tensions within the political contestants and general public. Therefore, ENEMO would like to strongly encourage all the political contestants and stakeholders including regular voters to refrain from conducting and/or participating in any type of violations before, during and after election day and to allow voters of Ukraine to freely express their political will at the ballot boxes.

ENEMO will announce its findings thought the preliminary statement that will be presented on a press conference on Monday, October 29th at 3:30 pm at the premises on news agency UNIAN in Kyiv. Throughout the Election Day, ENEMO will follow developments in real time and in case of need, will react with immediate press releases.

ENEMO has been the first international mission registered for October 28 parliamentary elections and its long-term observers monitored pre-election period and election campaign since beginning of August throughout Ukraine. ENEMO operates in full compliances with international standards for election observation. ENEMO endorsed the 2005 Declaration of Principles for International Elections Observation. All ENEMO observers have signed the Code of Conduct for International Election Observers.

ENEMO 2012 Parliamentary elections observation mission to Ukraine is financially supported by the United States Government, United Kingdom Government, German Foreign Office, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kingdom of Norway and Black Sea Trust.

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