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Western society is in the wrong when it thinks that talk of a thick network of Russian spies in their countries is not true
11 November, 2011   ▪   Oleg Gordievsky
Where are Turkey and Erdogan moving?
11 November, 2011   ▪   Michael Binyon
What are the moral values of the West? To what extent can European values be betrayed in the name of promulgating them?
29 October, 2011   ▪   Andres Herkel
The real threat to Europe and the world is the delayed collapse of old empires and the resulting formation of new hegemonic derivatives.
28 October, 2011   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
The PACE remains the important place for the issues related to Ukraine
28 October, 2011   ▪   Egidijus Vareikis
The so-called election reform - nothing but a new version of the Law “On the Election of People’s Deputies” - has a curious background and an undisguised political motive
27 October, 2011   ▪   Olha Aivazovska
A bona fide Ukrainian association has been closed in Russia, while numerous Russian organizations in Ukraine are blossoming despite their highly questionable practices
23 October, 2011   ▪   Yuriy Makarov
Ukraine’s police lack professionalism and are being used to achieve political goals rather than perform their main duties
23 October, 2011   ▪   Ihor Losiev
A social order with limited access to political and economic activity is taking shape in Ukraine
22 October, 2011   ▪   Volodymyr Dubrovsky
The communists and Nazis – not Jews, Ukrainians, Germans or Russians – were the criminals in the 1930s and the 1940s. Each of these nations lost millions, so any expiation is out of the question.
19 October, 2011   ▪   Vakhtang Kipiani   ▪   1
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