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Being small offers both negative and positive opportunities in international politics.
30 March, 2012   ▪   Erkki Bahovski
If passed, the Law “On the Land Market” could destroy the land market in the bud
30 March, 2012   ▪   Dmytro Vovnianko
When nostalgic fans lament for “good old” soviet music, which often really did sound better than what is played today, they tend to forget one thing: each good soviet song was accompanied by at least a thousand dull ones
28 March, 2012   ▪  
The results of stress tests run at Ukraine’s nuclear power stations are comforting but fail to explain why the facilities' equipment malfunctions so often
28 March, 2012   ▪   Artur Denysenko
Kurbas wrote with an open heart and faith in his rightness about the possibility of creating a new world on stage.
20 March, 2012   ▪   Virlana Tkacz
A government must always be under control to be democratic
15 March, 2012   ▪   Dietmar Stüdemann
Ukrainian music with socially sensitive lyrics is never played on radio and TV. Program managers simply do not want to take risks and opt for “background style” music with primitive lyrics instead.
14 March, 2012   ▪   Sashko Polozhynsky
We badly need a Hohol of our time who would point out what has been lost by Eastern European politics
14 March, 2012   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
The parameters of the classical Ukrainian literature canon have greatly changed over the past years
12 March, 2012   ▪   Vira Aheyeva
The press is hard to heal in a sick society. At the very least, it should not be the starting point
5 March, 2012   ▪   Yuriy Makarov
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