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Most nations are extremely sensitive about how their neighbours and foreigners portray them in their books, films, newspapers and magazines. This is natural, since the attitude of others is determined by how they perceive you and by the characteristics they use to portray you.
22 June, 2012   ▪   Ihor Losiev
The special Ukrainian attitude to life can turn any intent upside down. And after that, things that would seemingly unite and inspire only lead to a new round of social confrontation and discontent.
14 June, 2012   ▪   Serhiy Zhadan
To have a plausible political-historical narrative nowadays means to have viable politics, rather than policies masquerading as politics.
4 June, 2012   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
Democracy was born in Athens, but the coming election in Greece may well bring Western democracy to its knees.
25 May, 2012   ▪   Michael Binyon
How is it possible that Ukrainian laws and culture allow people to abuse animals and destroy the image of the nation?
22 May, 2012   ▪   Timo Hellenberg
The official soviet tradition of celebrating Victory Day as one of the greatest ‘red’ dates on the calendar was firmly entrenched under Leonid Brezhnev. In 1965, the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada issued a decree to announce 9 May a state holiday and a day-off for the first time after 1946. The grand celebration with military parades and patriotic elements was aimed at reviving and widely entrenching the myth of the Great Patriotic War and the great victory of the soviet nation.
21 May, 2012   ▪   Oleksandr Pahiria
Ukrayinsky Tyzhden will no longer take part in the MMI Ukraine and RMI Regions marketing research conducted by TNS Ukraine.
21 May, 2012   ▪   The Ukrainian Week
Despite the euro-zone crisis, euro membership gives Estonia more credibility and makes the country clearly visible among former republics of the USSR.
18 May, 2012   ▪   Erkki Bahovski
After bombs exploded in Dnipropetrovsk, the Ukrainian authorities acted chaotically, keeping citizens in an information vacuum and frightening them with armoured personnel carriers in the city centre. The experience of other countries that have been targeted by terrorists was not applied in any way
14 May, 2012   ▪   Yurіy Raykhel
In his concluding speech at the 5th Kyiv Security Forum, James Sherr, Senior Fellow at the Chatham House Russia and Eurasia Programme, talks about the essence of democracy in the EU, its prospects in the Arab world, Ukraine’s choice and good governance as the essential tool of democracy
8 May, 2012   ▪   James Sherr
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