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2 November, 2012   ▪   Markus Meckel
2 November, 2012   ▪   Viola von Cramon
One can tell the President: the good news is — you won; the bad news is that the voters did not support you
2 November, 2012   ▪   Hanne Severinsen
1 November, 2012   ▪   Jürgen Klimke
1 November, 2012   ▪   Peter Novotny
1 November, 2012   ▪   Raynell Andreychuk
William Shakespeare is likely to have become a modern sensibility. Like Niccolò Machiavelli or his own contemporary and significant other, Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare seems to have developed into a modern moral and political sensibility, a criterion of modernity, and even a symbolic design within which we perceive and interpret ourselves and the world around us.
1 November, 2012   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
Democracy is not something you simply declare and then everything is fine
24 October, 2012   ▪   Hanne Severinsen
It is impossible to say that Europe gave up on Ukraine - then or now. However, there is no other option for society, but to rid itself of the oppression inflicted by its own elite
24 October, 2012   ▪   Annie Daubenton
Andreas Gross, head of the PACE observers delegation to Ukraine and Chairman of the PACE Social Democratic Group, told The Ukrainian Week about the developments following his previous interview.
24 October, 2012   ▪   Andreas Gross
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