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Climate Change can be defined as a global brand used in favour of and against the battle to change our lifestyle. It is used by lobbyists, governments, multinational corporations and researchers. The bottom line is: who (if anyone) should be interested in tackling it or should we adjust our way of living to simply cope with it?
31 May, 2013   ▪   Timo Hellenberg
Angela Merkel is known for not forgetting or forgiving people who don’t play fair. Therefore, she finds it hard to cede to Yanukovych
31 May, 2013   ▪   Ulrich Krökel
Interviewed by Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
20 May, 2013   ▪   Jean-Luc Gréau
Thoughts about my upcoming participation in the world’s largest philosophy and music festival
20 May, 2013   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
The EU and Ukrainian citizens have a shared interest in removing barriers in the field of free movement and trade, but the EU is not just a single market for capital, goods and services - it is a community of values too
14 May, 2013   ▪   Sophie in 't Veld
Democracy and the rule of law in post-Soviet Ukraine
1 May, 2013   ▪   Hanne Severinsen
Ukraine must have its own national history, not one dictated by Moscow. And the Ukrainian Insurgent Army is one of its elements.
30 April, 2013   ▪   Andrzej Szeptycki
In the face of a deep economic crisis in Ukraine, the achievements in Vilnius will matter to all Ukrainians
29 April, 2013   ▪   Rebecca Harms
Ukraine's joining the EU would dramatically and irreversibly change the political landscape of Europe, end the division of Europe and close the saga of the Iron Curtain and the Cold War
26 April, 2013   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
The 500-rouble Russian bill features a very nice and disdainful picture that shows the state’s heightened interest in the spiritual dimension of Russia’s life and history
25 April, 2013   ▪   Katerina Barabash
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