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The path from kroon to euro and decisions from 20 years back that make Estonia’s finance minister proud today
24 July, 2013   ▪   Kalle Muuli
Creeping authoritarianism and state-engineered Islamization can estrange Turkey from its Western neighbors and embroil it even more closely in the turmoil in the Middle East
8 July, 2013   ▪   Janusz Bugajski
On June 6, Edward Snowden leaked information about PRISM, a federal programme used by NSA to monitor computers and telecommunication networks globally. To defend the NSA, President Obama spoke of a balance between privacy and security and the compromise this takes
8 July, 2013   ▪   Michel Wieviorka
The myths of the “Great Patriotic War” are a massive misrepresentation of history and a tricky political trap for Ukrainians who are forbidden from recovering their own history and claiming recognition of their suffering
5 July, 2013   ▪   Philippe de Lara
On 25 June 2013, George Orwell (1903–1950) would turn 110. He appears to have been the real prophet of totalitarianism, and far and away the most insightful writer in the West who got the very essence of the tragedy of Eastern Europe.
25 June, 2013   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs   ▪   2
“Ukraine is a leader of democratic transformations in the post-Soviet space,” Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Leonid Kozhara recently said, trying to convince his audience in Paris. No French journalist present at the breakfast with the Ukrainian minister published this bold statement. The West press is not that gullible. Even those who have never travelled to Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia can distinguish between democracy and autocracy.
18 June, 2013   ▪   Alla Lazareva
Two seemingly disjointed reports came one after another: swallows’ nests were intentionally destroyed in an amusement centre and one’s of Europe’s oldest chestnut trees was cut down in downtown Kyiv. What causes such offences and why the perpetrators are not likely to be punished?
18 June, 2013   ▪   Serhiy Hrabovsky
Recent economic news gives one a feeling of déjà vu
18 June, 2013   ▪   Lyubomyr Shavalyuk
What is happening in Russia now is difficult to describe other than as the posthumous smirk of the Soviet Union.
12 June, 2013   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
Swedish economist and a senior fellow at the Washington-based Peterson Institute for International Economics, Andres Aslund believes that the time of financial crisis is the best time for Ukraine to implement economic reforms.
3 June, 2013   ▪   Anders Aslund
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