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Transparency International experts say one of the reasons the anti-corruption programme is inefficient is that the objective is to imitate counteraction rather than achieve specific results. Moreover, corruption-infected agencies are involved in managing anti-corruption measures
20 August, 2013   ▪   Valeria Burlakova
While all of Russia is still recovering from the emotional shock over the events surrounding Alexei Navalny, its spiritual leaders are again announcing the end of the world as they speak to their “flock”. This time, the Apocalypse has stealthily snuck up from behind in the form of evil homosexuals who have forced the civilized world to legalize same-sex marriage
15 August, 2013   ▪   Katerina Barabash
British Ambassador in Ukraine Simon Smith: “Progressive association with the EU, its standards and practices will be profoundly beneficial for Ukraine and will help it unlock its potential”
14 August, 2013   ▪   Simon Smith
US Ambassador John Tefft talks to The Ukrainian Week before the end of his tenure in Ukraine
5 August, 2013   ▪   John F. Tefft
Russia may use the Snowden case in the secret intelligence war against Washington and further attacks on its own genuine whistleblowers
5 August, 2013   ▪   Janusz Bugajski
Yet another opposition activist in prison has a cumulative effect on the whole post-soviet sphere
2 August, 2013   ▪   Yuriy Makarov
As Zygmunt Bauman noted, classical politics has always been related to the conversion of private problems into public issues (at the same time, internalizing public issues and turning them into private or even existential problems). Today this political mechanism has clearly been taken apart. Thus, what we in our postmodern politics treat as public issues, most often are the private issues of public figures.
30 July, 2013   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
According to various estimates conducted by international organizations, Ukraine ranks from second to fourth in the number of police officers in the country per person. Usually, we are ranked next to Russia, Belarus and Brunei… This news brings to mind two questions: 1) Are we really that rich? 2) Are we really so protected?
24 July, 2013   ▪   Yuriy Makarov
The 70th anniversary of the Volyn tragedy was marked by the historically one-sided resolutions of the Polish Senate and Sejm; the request of Group of 148 that scorns anything Ukrainian (148 MPs from the Party of Regions and the Communist Party wrote an official letter to the Polish Sejm, the lower house of the Polish Parliament, requesting it to recognize the Volyn tragedy as a genocide of the Polish people – Ed.); and a surprising symbiosis of the Communist Party, aggressive advocates of the Russian World in Ukraine and radical right-wing forces in Poland on the one hand, and the feeble stance of most of the Ukrainian intelligentsia regarding this issue on the other.
24 July, 2013   ▪   Serhiy Hrabovsky
Signed in 1215 in England, Magna Carta had been a cornerstone of laws that had given ordinary citizens rights that the state could not violate throughout the centuries. Today, the concept of human rights has become increasingly controversial in Britain
24 July, 2013   ▪   Michael Binyon
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