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Finance Minister about reforming the State Fiscal Service and other challenges facing Ukraine’s domestic economy
2 April, 2018   ▪   Oleksandr Danylyuk
Head of Ukraine’s Mission to NATO on the prospects of NATO expansion, Ukraine’s plans on defense reform, and the impact of politics on security considerations within the Alliance
13 March, 2018   ▪   Vadym Prystaiko
Deputy Chair of the National Bank of Ukraine Council and Honorary President of the Kyiv School of Economics on monetary policy, mid-term risks, fundamental problems in Ukraine’s economy, the role of confidence and the restoration of fairness in economic development
28 February, 2018   ▪   Tymofiy Mylovanov
Deputy Justice Minister and the Ombudsman to the European Court of Human Rights on official evidence of the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine's territory
21 February, 2018   ▪   Ivan Lishchyna
Professor of the London University about the way Ukrainians perceive the EU, the impact of the Russian propaganda and the recipe for Ukraine to improve its image internationally
5 February, 2018   ▪   Ben O'Loughlin
Ukraine’s Prime-Minister about economic strategy, innovative development, the future of state monopolies, and the large-scaled privatizations planned for 2018
5 February, 2018   ▪   Volodymyr Hroisman
How the refusal to recycle waste ruins Ukraine
21 December, 2017   ▪   Blerta Cela
Kleptocracy Initiative Executive Director on European and American havens for ill-gotten money, their impact on democratic systems and the ways to dismantle them
7 December, 2017   ▪   Charles Davidson
Former Senior Director for Human Rights and Democracy at the McCain Institute and President of Freedom House on his new book and the forecast on America’s foreign policy
7 December, 2017   ▪   David Kramer
Deputy Chief of Staff of NATO’s Military Partnerships Directorate about the role of the Ukrainian military in the Alliance’s operations, and the interest of Western military in Ukraine’s Anti-Terrorist Operation and Russia’s Zapad 2017 exercise
7 December, 2017   ▪   Odd Egil Pedersen
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