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The brutal truth is that public opinion in many Western countries cares little for Ukraine – and certainly not enough to risk an open confrontation with Moscow
17 December, 2013   ▪   Michael Binyon
Western diplomats have expressed “concern” over the situation in Ukraine. They “invite participants in the conflict to negotiate” but have hesitated to state a clear stance. This is not without reason
17 December, 2013   ▪   Alain Guillemoles
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has obviously not been to the Maidan in Kyiv – nor is he planning on a visit, unlike German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle or the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. Both have traveled to Ukraine for meetings and made subsequent declarations.
14 December, 2013   ▪   Alla Lazareva
Ukrainian leadership needs a dialog with the oppositional forces, transparent decisions, which demonstrate convincingly that the Ukrainians themselves are the main focus of the political leadership.
9 December, 2013   ▪   Dietmar Stüdemann
The EU must now do everything it can to help the Ukrainian people integrate with Europe, bypassing the gangster regime around Mr Yanukovych.
2 December, 2013   ▪   Edward Lucas
Mychailo Wynnyckyj, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, on brutal dispersal of peaceful protesters at Maidan Nezalezhnosti
30 November, 2013   ▪   Mychailo Wynnyckyj
Why you should not fear your memories
29 November, 2013   ▪   Volodymyr Panchenko
EU member-state embassies should transform into portals between the past and the future, rather than reserves of Euro-robots sending some to heaven, and others to purgatory
21 November, 2013   ▪   Yuriy Makarov
Politicians – as well as media and citizens - have to invent the ways of a more understandable and dignified political sphere that fits in the current democratic spirit
20 November, 2013   ▪   Philippe de Lara
Linas Linkevičius argues that “Ukraine belongs to Europe, not just geographically” and that a European political project without Ukraine would be less impressive in his interview to European affairs journalist Peter O’Donnell.
18 November, 2013   ▪   Linas Linkevičius
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