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After the USSR collapsed, Russia delved into amnesia, then into rehabilitation of the Soviet past which turned grotesque through guilty conscience and lack of culture
15 September, 2014   ▪   Philippe de Lara
How the war has changed the perception of independence in Eastern Ukraine
10 September, 2014   ▪   Denys Kazanskyi
Trying to figure out what on earth happened with Donbas over the recent decades one cannot ignore the peculiar partnership between the masses and the rulers of the region
10 September, 2014   ▪   Ihor Losiev
For the Russian incarnations and successors of Goebbels, Ukraine has become a piece of virtual reality fabricated for the sake of domestic policies
8 September, 2014   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
Ukraine has become a litmus test of global moral (in)sensitivity at the beginning of the 21st century
15 August, 2014   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
Homo sovieticus spent his life pushing and shoving in queues, quarrelling in buses, sitting in Party meetings. The Ukrainian project, responsible for bringing about the dominance of this type was doomed. The product of today's Ukraine, however, is a multitude of heroes, including soldiers, volunteers, activists, reporters and simply dignified and courageous people
15 August, 2014   ▪   Yuriy Makarov
Ukraine has a lot to offer and get from BRICS states. The key to beneficial cooperation is a serious review of Ukraine’s policy towards them and massive enlargement of people-to-people diplomacy
9 July, 2014   ▪  
To Eastern and Central Europeans, football and sports at large was a substitute for political liberty, a token of symbolic participation in European historical narrative and culture
9 July, 2014   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
What can Putin hope to achieve at this stage? In terms of gains, there are two potentially lasting effects of this aggression that could play into his hands
1 July, 2014   ▪   Dmytro Potekhin
The Ukrainian Week speaks to Susan Stewart from the Berlin-based SWP research center about the reasons for Germany’s ambivalence in the current Ukrainian crisis, Poland’s role as the geopolitical player in the region, and Euro-Atlantic relations
28 June, 2014   ▪   Susan Stewart
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