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Former US Ambassador to Ukraine and currently Director at the Brookings’ Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative about possible changes in America’s policy over Ukraine and Russia after the Iran deal, and about expectations for the Minsk process
19 August, 2015   ▪   Steven Pifer
People who have lost their sensitivity temporarily or for a long time are no demons. They simply remove from their sensitivity zone certain people or entire groups
17 August, 2015   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
It is much easier to take the approach of multiple narratives than to accept that one side is right and the other wrong
17 August, 2015   ▪   Edward Lucas
An analyst who tries to win back our threatened sense of self-confidence and sober-mindedness
6 August, 2015   ▪   Leonіdas Donskіs
Probably the most important thing in NATO’s post-Cold War history is the reinstatement of collective defense as the main priority for NATO at the Wales Summit
3 July, 2015   ▪   Marián Majer
The firm consensus in Poland that Ukraine’s independence, security, stability and a well-functioning state are absolutely key to Polish interests goes across political parties
1 July, 2015   ▪   Piotr Buras
Major challenges in the upcoming election of regional governments
26 June, 2015   ▪   Mykhailo Basarab
The Minister for Social Policy spoke to The Ukrainian Week about his vision of the pension reform, de-shadowing of taxes and salaries, subsidies and assistance to IDPs and ATO veterans
25 June, 2015   ▪   Pavlo Rozenko
The existing pension system is one of the major pillars of the ineffective and corrupt political and socio-economic model of the “old Ukraine”
19 June, 2015   ▪   Vitalii Melnychuk
The Ukrainian Week spoke to the President of the European Investment Bank about priorities in cooperation with Ukraine, quality control of projects that receive access to the funding and SMEs as a potential driver of Ukraine’s economy
18 June, 2015   ▪   Werner Hoyer
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