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On Trump’s transactional approach to politics
6 November   ▪   Пітер Залмаєв
Mridula Ghosh on fateful changes in Jammu and Kashmir
21 September   ▪  
On undermining the foundation of democracy
18 September   ▪   Пітер Залмаєв
on the 5th anniversary of the attack upon Malaysian airlines flight MH17 on July 17, 2014
19 July   ▪   Джеррі Скіннер
On the unfortunate similarities with political life in “old” democracies
17 June   ▪   Philippe de Lara
The significance and challenges of autocephaly for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
19 December, 2018   ▪   Rostyslav Pavlenko
In the summer of 2017, Kateryna Handziuk wrote an op-ed piece for The Ukrainian Week, which we are republishing here
16 November, 2018   ▪  
on Mahatma Gandhi's legacy
14 October, 2018   ▪  
When Ukraine is asked today, what it can give to Europe, it doesn’t have to go far: it had once given Ukrainian avant-garde to the world. The task today is to win it back from being associated with the Russian culture by clearly identifying where it actually comes from.
3 August, 2018   ▪   Yaryna Tsymbal
Afterthoughts on Babchenko’s case
16 July, 2018   ▪   Philippe de Lara
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