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22 January, 2014 09:14   ▪  

Protester shot at Hrushevskoho Street. Another protester dead after being knocked down from the stadium entrance arc by Berkut

A protester is dead after four gunshots during protests at Hrushevshkoho Street, Expresso.TV reports referring to the medical service of the Maidan

The name of the shot protester is Serhiy Nihoyan, Ukrayinska Pravda reports. He was an active participant of the EuroMaidan. His body is at the medical section at Hrushevskoho Street. The investigation group has been let in.

Another 22-year old activist is reported dead today after falling from the 13-meter high arc over the entrance to the Dynamo stadium in clashes with Berkut.

The clashes have been going on for four days since January 19. At night on January 22-23, Berkut attacked protesters and demolished barricades at Hrushevskoho Street up to the Dnipro hotel. Then, the protesters regrouped and counterattacked Berkut. The riot police retreated to its old position.

At this point, protesters and riot police are throwing stones and stun grenades at each other. The police keep urging people to stop mass disturbances over the loud speaker. The Interior Ministry denies the use of gunfire at protesters in the clashes, Serhiy Burlakov, Interior Ministry’s Speaker, reports. 

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