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20 January, 2014 11:33   ▪  

Carl Bildt: The laws passed on December 16 make the most solid package of repressive laws enacted by a European parliament in decades

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt commented on the situation in Ukraine to journalists in a doorstep interview prior to the Foreign Affaris Council taking place on January 20 in Brussels.

“Let me … say that we have a situation in Ukraine which is acute and I think it is very important that we react particularly against the package of repression that was decided on Thursday in Kyiv,” Bildt said. “It is the most solid package of repressive laws that I’ve seen enacted by a European parliament in decades, if you look at it. And I think what happened yesterday was the consequence of the package decided last Thursday.”

When asked whether there were any further accession talks between the EU and Ukraine, Bildt said “…they (Ukrainian leadership – Ed.) are not talking to us about that. I think they are busy with other things. I’m not aware of any talks that have happened. And clearly these repressive laws change things with Ukraine. Now there will be talks between the opposition and the regime. Whether they will result in anything, I don’t know. But I think… we need to react to the package of Thursday laws.”

To the question about possible sanctions against Ukrainian officials, Bildt said “I wouldn’t exclude it but I wouldn’t put it on the agenda today. We’ll see what happens.”

As it was reported, after rally on January,19th  violent clashes started. They are still ongoing.

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