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20 January, 2014 02:01   ▪  

Yanukovych agreed for negotiations with opposition. Clashes continue

One of leaders of the Ukrainian opposition Arseniy Yatseniuk said that Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych called him and said he agreed for negotiations.

As Arsenii Yartseniuk said he “received a call from Viktor Yanukovych”.

“He (Viktor Yanukovych – ed.) and the government agreed for negotiations ,” Yatseniuk said from the stage on Maidan.

As Yanukovych’s press office reports he commissioned the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Andrij Klyuyev to establish a working group to consider an issue of the regulation of the political crisis in Ukraine.

It is also said that the working group will hold a meeting with opposition representatives on Monday, January, 20th.

Earlier opposition called Andrii Klyeyev responsible for violent crackdown of the protester on November, 30th.

After today’s rally violent clashes started. Four protesters were detained by the police. Clashes are still ongoing. Police reported that more than 70 officers were injured. Doctors say about protesters are 24 injured. Andrii Parubii, Ukrainian MP, was also injured by a stun grenade.  He also says about more than 40 injured protesters.

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