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6 January, 2014 09:08   ▪  

FT: Ukrainian-American businessman could face British jail term

Alexander Altman, a Ukrainian-American businessman could face sanctions, including a jail term in Britain, after a High Court judge found he was in contempt of court for breaching court orders in a legal battle over the Ukrainian television station TVi, The Financial Times reports.

A hearing date will be set by the High Court early this year. This will determine sanctions for Mr Altman’s non-compliance, after Mr Justice Turner ruled the businessman was in contempt late last month. Committal to prison is one of the options open to the judge, the FP reports.

According to their information, the High Court committal proceedings were brought by Konstantin Kagalovsky, a former vice-president of Yukos Oil and formerly Russia’s representative at the IMF. Mr Kagalovsky launched TVi in Ukraine in 2008 along with another businessman.

The London case was begun in support of a related legal dispute in Kiev over the alleged transfer of ownership of TVi, which took place in early 2013.

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