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6 January, 2014 01:03   ▪  

Oppositional MP and an activist were assaulted outside Kiev police station

The oppositional MP from “Svoboda” party Andriy Illienko and party activist and lawyer Sydir Kizin were assaulted on Friday night (January,3rd) in the latest in a series of violent attacks on the demonstrations' organizers.

Andriy Illienko and Sydir Kizin were leaving the Shevchenkivskyy's police station in Kyiv when they were attacked. According to The Independent, they were set upon by a gang of youths. Around a dozen men reportedly kicked and punched the two men but fled when the attack was interrupted by two passers-by, who Svoboda said had rescued their members from "probable death".

As an ambulance crew at the scene told the correspondent of The Independent, the MP had suffered a fractured jaw and concussion.

In a statement responding to the assault on Mr Illienko, the party said: "The Svoboda Party considers this attack as a particularly cynical attempt on the life of a statesman. This attack was planned in advance, with thugs and police acting as a coalition."

This accident is not the first attack on the EuroMaidan activists. During the last two weeks around a dozen of EuroMaidan activists were attacked in Ukraine and other cities.

On December 24, Dmytro Pylypets, organizer of the EuroMaidan in Kharkiv, was beaten and stabbed near his home.

Two men attacked journalist and EuroMaidan activist Tetiana Chornovil on the night of December 24-25

On December 29, three unidentified men brutally beaten Stanislav Troshyn, the 28-year-old activist of Kherson EuroMaidan and the local council deputy from “Bat’kivshchyna” Party 

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