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27 December, 2013 14:56   ▪  

US expressed its “grave concern” over attacks on EuroMaidan activists

US expressed its grave concern over an emerging pattern of targeted violence and intimidation towards activists and journalists who participated in or reported on the EuroMaidan protests, US Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki says.

“The violent beating of journalist Tatiana Chornovol is particularly disturbing”, Jen Psaki said.

US also called on the Government of Ukraine to uphold its OSCE commitments and ensure respect for human rights, including fundamental freedoms of expression and assembly, the rule of law, and democratic principles. US also urges the Government of Ukraine to send an unequivocal message that violence against critics of the government and those who are working towards a modern, democratic, and prosperous Ukraine will not be tolerated.

“The United States, in concert with our European partners, will continue to closely watch the disposition of this and other cases,” Jen Psaki said.

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